How to Reach Bled

Though Bled is a small town, it has become a popular tourist attraction in Slovenia making it easily reachable. It is located in a north-western region and is hardly 35 kilometers (21 miles) from the Ljubljana Jože PuÄnik Airport.  So, you do not have to worry about how to reach Bled as you will find different modes of transport without any hassle.


  • By Plane: The nearest airport to Bled is Ljubljana Jože PuÄnik Airport. As it is the biggest international airport in Slovenia, it is connected to different parts of the world with daily flights. Taking a direct flight to Ljubljana Jože PuÄnik Airport, also known as Brnik Airport, is the best way to reach Bled. You will also find a small Lesce-Bled Airport near the town of Bled that is used mostly by sports fliers.  
  • By Train: You will find regular trains leaving from the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana - for Bled. These trains take around an hour to complete the journey and will take you to Lesce-Bled station. Though this station is located 4 kilometers away from Bled, you will get public transport to take you to the town. There is another station - Bled Jezero Station - that connects Bled with Jesenice and Nova Gorica.
  • By Bus: There are buses that leave every hour from Ljubljana and take you to the heart of Bled. It usually takes one and a half hours to cover the distance of 55 kilometers (34 miles). You can directly buy the tickets from the ticket counters. But it is recommended to check the schedule online first.


  • On Foot: You will be surprised to know that the town Bled is small enough to explore on foot. The footpaths are well-maintained and marked clearly. You will need a little more than an hour even if you are taking a leisurely stroll.
  • By Boat: Do not miss a chance to enjoy a ride in traditional pletna, a large gondola-like boat, while going to the small island in the middle of the lake. You can also rent a boat and row around on your own.
  • By Bicycle: There are many people who prefer renting a bicycle in Bled. It is the best way to move around Bled even if there are no specific lanes for bikers in this town. You will find plenty of shops to rent a bicycle on an hourly basis or for a day.
  • By Horse: Horse-riding and taking a ride horse-drawn carriage are popular modes of transport in Bled. You can consider renting a horse and move around the town with or without a guide.