Best Things To Do in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Are you looking for what to do in Bloemfontein?


  • Museums: Oliewenhuis art museum, Anglo-Boer War museum, Freshford House museum, Queen’s fort military museum, National museum.
  • Gardens and Parks: Free State Botanical garden, State President Swart Park.


  • Play golf
  • Go hiking
  • Visit the Hertzog Square.
  • Splash or simply admire the waterfront.
  • For adventure lovers, visit any of the Game reserves.
  • Have a pleasant walk in the State President Swart park.
  • The cheetah experience is a favourite activity for tourists visiting Bloemfontein. Interact with cheetahs, cubs and leopards and go wild!

Below we have a list of things to do in Bloemfontein and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bloemfontein getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bloemfontein with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein

Here is the list of things to do in Bloemfontein and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cheetah Experience

    4.5 (312 Votes)
    Cheetah Experience

    Outdoors, Wildlife Park, Nature

    This is a jaw-dropping experience and a must visit for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. At the Cheetah experience, you get to interact with cheetahs, lions, leopards, wolves and meerkats, caracals and cheetah cubs. You can also join the research group or the volunteering experience if you are having an extended visit. Click the day-to-day lives of these wild cats and explore the wild in mu...Read more
  2. Oliewenhuis Art Museum

    4.2 (298 Votes)
    Oliewenhuis Art Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum

    The museum focusing on natural history, international stature, and cultural history was initiated in late 19th century. The museum is set in the neo-Dutch style house that served as a house for the governor general of Union of South Africa. It now houses a permanent exhibition of South African art including an outdoor sculpture working African Carousel. Local artists also exhibit their works on...Read more
  3. Naval Hill And Franklin Game Reserve

    Outdoors, Landmark, Memorial, Statue

    To have a panoramic view of the city of roses, visit Naval hill which gets its name because of the two British naval guns standing on the hill since early 20th century. The naval hill is also a home to the Franklin game reserve which serves as the major centre of display of African wildlife. There are animals like zebra, blesbok, springbok, giraffe and eland as well as abundant bird life. The e...Read more
  4. Anglo Boer War Museum

    4.7 (183 Votes)
    Anglo Boer War Museum

    History Museum, Historical Site, War Memorial, Sculpture

    This museum is dedicated to the historical war between British and the Boers. The museum tells the tragic tale of the war, its effect on the women, children and society in general. The museum has the exhibits the story of the war and also hosts the Women's Memorial on the same site, fronted by a sculpture by the renowned South African Anton van Wouw.
  5. Free State National Botanical Garden

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Bird Watching

    This garden in the city of roses is dedicated to cultivation and preservation of the local flora and fauna and of course roses. Housing over 400 species including the vibrant red-hot pokers and wild dagga plants- a local specialty, there are also specialized gardens dedicated to medicinal plants. The garden is also a home to over 140 bird species. The 50 species of reptiles are also worth looki...Read more
  6. Freshford House Museum

    4.4 (158 Votes)
    Freshford House Museum

    Museum, Architecture

    This is one of the rare retained houses of the upper-middle class community in Bloemfontein and belonged to architect John Edwin Harrison. Completed in 1897, this house has an asymmetrical facade, red walls with no plasters, bay windows and a classic construction of the renaissance period. The Victorian garden around the museum is also worth a visit.
  7. Kings Park


    The opening of this park was done by Prince of Wales- Edward VIII which gives this magnificent park its name. Built in 1906, this garden is city’s biggest garden displaying a variety of roses- the specialty of Bloemfontein. The 4000 rose bushes make it a aromatic and alluring place.
  8. Bagamoya Wildlife Estate

    3.7 (161 Votes)
    Bagamoya Wildlife Estate

    Wildlife Park, Games

    A bewildering Lion shelter and a natural bounty where visitors can spend a quality time in the lap of nature, Bagamoya Wildlife Estate is great for a day picnic or even a cosy night-stay. Observe the daily activities of in-house lion Bongani, relish local cuisine at the restaurant, engage into game drives or relax at the chalets, Bagamoya is a must-visit. Facilities available: Self catering Cha...Read more
  9. The National Museum

    4.3 (209 Votes)
    The National Museum

    Natural History Museum

    Dating back to 1877, the National Museum of Bloemfontein comprised of rare findings from around the world and has now extended to the fields of natural history, cultural history and art. It includes 13 research departments offering wholesome educational programes and activities, especially for students.
  10. Loch Logan Waterfront

    4.1 (194 Votes)
    Loch Logan Waterfront

    Mall, Shopping Center

    The largest shopping centre in central South Africa, Loch Logan Waterfront is a favourite among the locals as well as the visitors. Here you have everything, from shopping and entertainment to sport and culture. Located here are more than 100 shops, 17 restaurants and coffee shops, 10 fast food outlets, movies, salons, banks, a gym and a medical centre. If you are tired shopping or walking thos...Read more
  11. Sa Armour Museum

    Library, Museum, Exhibition , Hall

    A museum initiated to preserve the history and heritage of armour of SAAC and educate the visitors with history and information through its exhibits, auditorium and library. Attractions and must-sees: An exterior display of Armoured Fighting Vehicles A vehicle hanger with several restored vehicles in running order   A National Monument with Indoor displays: An auditorium - the 2 SSB Roo...Read more
  12. Hertzog Square

    Statue, Square

    Dedicated to the South African general, Politician, Prime minister and national figure James Barry Munnik Hertzog, the Hertzog square is one of the prime hangouts in Bloemfontein. It is one of the landmarks of Bloemfontein. The statue stands in the middle of the sqaure landscaped with verdant grass. Major attractions like the National Musuem and the SA Armour museum are located within walkable ...Read more
  13. Altissimo & Andante Guesthouse Image
    Overview of Altissimo & Andante Guesthouse Check out detailed information of Altissimo & Andante Guesthouse which resides in the Bloemfontein. If you have enough time to explore the interiors of the city, you will pass by Altissimo & Andante Guesthouse. Important attractions of the city include Cheetah Experience, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Naval Hill And Franklin Game Reserve, Anglo ...Read more
  14. J B M Hertzog International Airport /bloemfontein Airport Image
    Overview of Bloemfontein Airport As you traverse the city of Bloemfontein, you'll stumble upon Bloemfontein Airport. Although listed here, Bloemfontein Airport is not one of the most visited sightseeing places in Bloemfontein. Abounding of places like Cheetah Experience, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Naval Hill And Franklin Game Reserve, Anglo Boer War Museum and Free State National Botanical Garden...Read more