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Whether you are a devotee and a follower of the religion or find yourself amused and intrigued by the life and teachings of Lord Buddha, a trip to Bodh Gaya is a must! It is the MOST important site the place where it all started 2600 years ago!

Birthplace of Buddhism and UNESCO World Heritage City, Bodh Gaya, holds a lot of importance worldwide and attracts tourists and monks from all across the World. It is also home to various monasteries and temples all built in various styles and examples of different styles of architecture be it Thai Monastery, Royal Bhutan Monastery, Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple or Burmese Vihara Monastery. A tour of Bodh Gaya will take you back in time with different architectures, temples and monasteries filled with chants and verses from the religious scriptures all working to provide you with a serene atmosphere and get spiritual!

Tourism in Bodh Gaya is high from November through March as it is the time when the Tibetan monks visit this religious hub and it also plays host to Dalai Lama around this time. It is a perfect place to learn more about the religion and its practices; to learn meditation and of course offer your prayers to Lord Buddha.

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