How to Reach Bogota

The Easiest Way to Reach Bogota


  • By Air: The El Dorado International Airport is just 20 minutes away from the city and is the most preferred way for most tourists. A lot of the airlines fly in and out of Bogota. There are domestic flights available if you want to fly from one city to another.


  • Buses are a common means of transport here and are quite cheap. They however only map their main stops, so if you’re unfamiliar with the roads ask the bus drivers and they’ll inform you when to get off.
  • Taxis are largely preferred by tourists since they serve as the most convenient source for traveling from one point to another. Remember to pay by the meter and ensure that the meter is running when you sit in the car.
  • The Transmilenio or the bus rapid transit system is fast becoming Bogota’s upcoming mode of transportation. Linking all the major tourist attractions and stops along with the airport, all you need to do is board the train and get off where you want to.
  • There are privately owned busses that run throughout the city and can be hailed down just like a taxi. These busses have no designated stops and will stop wherever you want to get off. They’ll have a list of the neighbourhoods they’ll go to and if you’re going the same way, then you need to pay the fare as listed and take a seat. Count your change though; bus drivers are known to give back less change to the tourists.
  • If you have the stamina, you could rent a bicycle and use the extensive cycle network to see the city.

Modes of Transportation in Bogota

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Bogota. The most preferred mode of transport in Bogota is Bus/Trolleybus.

Average distance: 11.23 km Average time: 49.53 min

  • Bus/Trolleybus 38.98%
    Bus 43.13 min Waiting 7.83 min Walking 7.78 min Other 0.87 min Overall average time for 13 kms 59.61 min
  • Bike 15.25%
    Bike 28.33 min Walking 2.22 min Overall average time for 6.22 kms 30.56 min
  • Motorbike 5.08%
    Motorbike 55 min Walking 0.67 min Overall average time for 20.47 kms 55.67 min
  • Walking 20.34%
    Walking 35.67 min Motorbike 4.58 min Bus 3.92 min Driving 2.25 min Waiting 1 min Train 0.83 min Overall average time for 6.48 kms 48.25 min
  • Car 15.25%
    Driving 41.67 min Waiting 0.78 min Walking 0.11 min Overall average time for 15.56 kms 42.56 min
  • Train/Metro 1.69%
    Train 20 min Bus 15 min Waiting 8 min Walking 5 min Overall average time for 6 kms 48 min
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