Best Things To Do in Boise, Idaho

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Being the cultural hub of Idaho, Boise is full of opportunities for a novel experience. Being the state capital Boise has attractions pivoted around this fact.

Idaho State Capitol Building, underwent a massive renovation, only to make this a must-visit site. If you feel a little adventurous try ringing the bell at the foot of the Capitol steps. The Julia Davis Park is essentially an Olmsted-ish urban park accommodating most downtown Boise attractions. The park is well confined by the Zoo Boise, the Rose Garden, Boise Art Museum along with a picturesque railroad. If you happen to be in Boise around the New Years’ Eve, visiting the Boise State University to watch the New Year's Eve college football classic is a great idea. Inspired by Anne Franke’s faith in humanity the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial was originated to assimilate the beauty of nature. This is also an important educational landmark of Boise. 

The locals love a day out at the Barber Park in Southeast Boise, for its being as a refuge for various wildlife. The museum of Old Idaho State Penitentiary established in the old state penitentiary is a highly interesting opportunity for guests to sit in old prison cells, experience solitary confinement, along with exploring the inner workings of this place that was once considered scary.

Additionally, the Idaho Botanical Gardens, Boise Art Museum, World Centre for Birds of Prey and the Basque Museum and Cultural Centre are some more of the must-see attractions is Boise. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Boise and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Boise getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Boise with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Boise

Here is the list of things to do in Boise and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Boise Greenbelt

    5 (317 Votes)
    Boise Greenbelt
    As one of the most beloved parks in Boise, the Boise Greenbelt cannot be ignored. This 25-mile Boise River Greenbelt is a tree-lined pathway runs parallel to the river through the heart of the city and offers its visitors scenic views, wildlife habitat and access to some of the town’s best riverside parks. Its towering trees, lush riparian areas, and abundant wildlife put up an interestin...Read more
  2. World Center For Birds Of Prey
    You can plan to take a tour of the World Center For Birds Of Prey with your tour companions. Since the year 1970, this organisation has been conserving the birds that hunt to live. Located on the top of a hill, this facility covers an area of 580 acres and aims to work in order to save the endangered raptors. There are a lot of features of this place which the tourists find interesting, always....Read more
  3. Idaho State Capitol

    4.7 (297 Votes)
    Idaho State Capitol

    Architecture , Heritage Building

    The Idaho State Capitol in Boise is where the government sits. The construction of this building started in the summer of 1905 and was overlooked by John E. Tourtellotte and Charles Hummel. This is the home of the government of the state of Idaho from where all the matters of administration take place. In 1998, the Capitol building was restored and is today one to visit. Once here, you can chec...Read more
  4. Idaho Anne Frank Memorial

    4.7 (476 Votes)
    Idaho Anne Frank Memorial


    More of an educational park, the place was brought to life in 2002 to increase awareness among people regarding human rights issues. The sublime surrounding it is known for has been inspired by the life of Anne Frank which is evident in the beautiful bronze statue standing splendidly in the park and relaying her thoughts to the world. Alongside that, there numerous quotes and sayings of other e...Read more
  5. Boise Escape

    4.8 (239 Votes)
    Boise Escape


    A fun attraction for adventurous souls with an ardent love for challenges and excitement. As the name suggests, Boise escape is basically a playing zone where players are locked up in a room and need to use their mind and teamwork to their benefit to escape the place. The visitors can select one of the three missions- Tick Tock Boom, The Lost City, and The Great Game and indulge in a wild chase...Read more
  6. Bogus Basin

    4.6 (119 Votes)
    Bogus Basin

    Ski Resort

    A very famous ski resort in the city of Boise, the place is the ultimate solace for adventurous souls up for some thrill and fun. What makes this resort even more desirable for the tourists is its highly reasonable price rate, great terrain and very comfortable and hospitable lodgings around. The occasional summer concert held here has earned this resort quite a reputation. Not to forget the mo...Read more
  7. Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center


    Sitting along the side of Boise River Greenbelt, this natural habitat lets you have a thorough peek in the beautiful realm of wildlife and nature. Covering an area of 4.6 acre, this wild abode sporting numerous fish and wildlife exhibits welcomes the travelers within a world where nature speaks at its highest. Sit on the bank of waterfall while immersing yourself in the surreal hymn of nature o...Read more
  8. Ridge To Rivers

    3.6 (61 Votes)
    Ridge To Rivers

    Trail, Nature

    A well-crafted trail system that chalks through the entire city creating an interconnecting web of beautiful roads and seamless surrounding. Adorned with vibrant plants and various wildlife, it is hardly a surprise to see the number of visitors that rolls in this place every day. Once an active military training zone for soldiers, it now stands as a renowned spot for nature lovers, and shutterb...Read more
  9. Boise Train Depot

    4.7 (40 Votes)
    Boise Train Depot


    It is a unique piece of architecture located few miles away from the centre of the city. The elegant building with its Spanish style designs serves as a lovely muse for historians and art lovers. Incepted in the 19th century, now closed train depot is a historic site and a lavish ceremonial hall for people to hold events, inspect and see. Go up to the top and you will see a panoramic view of th...Read more
  10. Freak Alley Gallery

    4.8 (94 Votes)
    Freak Alley Gallery

    Art Gallery

    Travellers and artists with a unique and unusual taste in arts must visit the place at least once during their Boise trip. What makes this place different from all the other exhibits out there, though, is the originality of its concept and the freedom its gives to its artists. The gallery consists of two parts- Indoor Art Gallery which is located at the 9th street entrance of the alley and Outd...Read more
  11. Hyde Park Historic District


    Situated in the North End Neighborhood of Boise, the place is a bustling centre of attraction for shoppers and food hoppers with its wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes. The neighbourhood has also garnered a reputation among people for hosting a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Visitors visiting the place can walk through its tree-lined streets and check out the vari...Read more
  12. Boise State University

    4.1 (30 Votes)
    Boise State University

    Educational Site, University

    Boise State University is famous for many things. Apart from having a nice academic record, the place is known for its outstanding lush green campus and excellent view making it a great place to visit and walk around during your trip in Boise. The university also features Bronco Stadium, an outdoor stadium renown among folks and tourists for its blue coloured surrounding. Travellers interested ...Read more
  13. Aquarium Of Boise

    4.4 (213 Votes)
    Aquarium Of Boise


    It is a place that will amaze you and inspire you at the same time and more than often you will find yourself at the wonder of it. The aquarium has been erected with a purpose to educate visitors about the happenings of the underwater world and the marine life. Although small, it has a friendly vibe to it and the wide variety of animals that is put on the display in their exhibits just adds mor...Read more
  14. Hulls Gulch

    Trail, Adventure

    Situated in the downtown Boise, this 3.7-mile long trail is a perfectly built pathway for experienced hikers and adventurers. Visitors can enjoy various activities in this place such as jogging, biking, cycling, and horse riding. Lucky folks can even get a glimpse or two of different native animals flocking in the Hulls Gulch throughout the year. As for travellers who happen to visit in springs...Read more
  15. Idaho Historical Museum

    4.6 (19 Votes)
    Idaho Historical Museum

    History Museum

    Have an enthralling experience in one of the oldest museums in the city. Built in the 19th century, Idaho Historical Museum has ever since been an impressive guide to the country’s history and its development. It houses an extensive collection of more than 250,000 items conserved and put on display in its colourful exhibits for visitors to learn and understand. The whole visit gets even m...Read more

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