23 Best Things To Do in Bolinas, California

by Arundhati Bhand Updated on 15 Oct 2018

A unique community hidden in the corners of California, Bolinas became famous because it didn’t want to be! The community has always tried to keep themselves hidden from the public eye, peaceful in their own setting, surrounded by the miracles of nature. And while the location plays in their favour, making it difficult for anyone to find their way here, this is the precise challenge that wanderers have treated themselves to.

Alamere Falls, BonalisBolinas Lagoon
Image Source: flickr.com | wikimedia.org

Known for the multi-coloured swirling waters of its lagoon, Bolinas is home to some of the best surfing spots, the most spectacular waterfall, an endearing history and quirky, yet lovable people. And apart from the Bolinas Lagoon and the Alamere Falls, which are stunning natural sites, you will also find some incredible other activities and places to visit in Bolinas. Some of the best restaurants in Bolinas are Coast Cafe, which is known for the fresh seafood that it offers, and Bobolicious, the smoothies of which are simply delicious.

One of the unusual things to do in Bolinas is a visit to Bolinas People’s Store. Not only are they known for the delectable dishes that they serve, but also a “Free Box” which is a pick one- drop one center. The Bolinas Book Exchange also makes for a great visit. While a visit will surely be rewarding, you must know what to see in Bolinas, the sites and the details.

Let's discover the list of 23 best things to do in Bolinas.

1. Alamere Falls

Located in Point Reyes National Seashore, Alamere Falls are known to be a tidefall. A waterfall that directly cascades into the ocean, not only is it a stunning scene, but also a must visit place in Bolinas. The Alamere Creek serves this waterfall that flows in 3 major parts. The longest drop is that of 40 feet, which makes the experience of standing by it, in its faint showers incredible.

  • Attraction Type: Landmarks, Natural, Beaches
  • Address: Bolinas, CA 94924, USA, 94924, United States
  • Contact: 1-4156631092
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Alamere Falls

2. Bolinas Lagoon

A total of 1,100 acres of area makes up for this gorgeous lagoon. Beaching and surfing, especially during the hot months is what the Bolinas Lagoon is famous for. Being on the list of Wetlands of International Importance, it is one of the top-most sought-after places by tourists. Located in Bolinas, it is considered to be a part of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. One of the best things to do in Bolinas, make sure you add it to your plan!

  • Attraction Type: Landmarks, Parks
  • Address: 936 Olema Bolinas Rd, 94924, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158689244
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Bolinas Lagoon

3. 2 Mile Surf Shop

Surfing is one of the popular activities to do in Bolinas. And to have an incredible experience, a stop at the 2 Mile Surf Shop is a must. From suits to surfboards, this shop offers local people as well as tourists all kinds of equipment necessary to make a trip to the famous Bolinas Beach exciting. You can either buy, or even rent costumes which are perfect for water sports, as well as other recreational activities that you would like to enjoy.

  • Attraction Type: Adventure, Surf Shop
  • Address: 22 Brighton Ave, Bolinas, CA 94924, USA, United States
  • Operation Hours: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near 2 Mile Surf Shop

4. Bolinas Museum

Stepping away from the natural beauty that this coastal town is blessed with, Bolinas Museum showcases the art and culture of this place. Making it to the list of the top tourist places in Bolinas, you will be impressed by the collection and the method of displaying the work of the artists as well as the history. It was founded in 1983, and specialises in displaying fine art. Free admission for all encourages people to take keen interest in the displays and exhibits.

  • Attraction Type: Museum, Social, Arts, Museums
  • Address: 48 Wharf Rd, P.O. Box 450, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158680330
  • Operation Hours: 01:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotel Near Bolinas Museum

5. Bolinas Library

Bolinas Library is nestled in the city of Bolinas.Bolinas Library is a significant place in the city and has become an important landmark over the years. The place is usually visited by students, researchers, and avid readers.

  • Attraction Type: Community And Government, Libraries
  • Address: 16 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158681171
  • Operation Hours: 10:00 am - 01:00 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Bolinas Library

6. St Aidan's Episcopal Church

Located in the diverse city of Bolinas, St Aidan's Episcopal Church is a beautiful church.If you happen to be in Bolinas and are planning to visit St Aidan's Episcopal Church for peace and relaxation.

  • Attraction Type: Community And Government, Libraries
  • Address: 30 Brighton Ave, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158681852
  • Operation Hours: 12:30 pm - 02:45 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near St Aidan's Episcopal Church

7. Calvary Presbyterian Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church is a place of worship located in Bolinas.You can visit Calvary Presbyterian Church to offer your prayers in a peaceful atmosphere. It may also help you with understanding the cultural history of the area.

  • Attraction Type: Community And Government, Libraries
  • Address: 3 Brighton Ave, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158682180
  • Operation Hours: 09:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Calvary Presbyterian Church 

8. St Mary Magdalene Church

St Mary Magdalene Church is a church and a popular place of worship among the people of the Christian community in the city of Bolinas in United States.This church is a prime example of a traditional Christian architecture thanks to its shape of a cross. Popularly used for Christian religious activities like prayer and worship meets, St Mary Magdalene Church is also actively involved in community and humanitarian services.

  • Attraction Type: Community And Government, Libraries
  • Address: 16 Horseshoe Hill Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4156631139
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near St Mary Magdalene Church

9. Bass Lake

Bass Lake is a lovely natural place nestled in the city of Bolinas.

  • Attraction Type: Landmarks, Natural, Lakes
  • Address: Mesa Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Bass Lake

10. Agate Beach

Agate Beach is a popular park located in the city of Bolinas in United States. This park, which is quite popular amongst the locals is now also gaining popularity among the tourists and is making it to the list of every traveller.Perfect to spend a lazy afternoon, or taking a quick break from the hectic work life, this park offers plenty shades of green where you can unwind. Get a book along, or a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. There are a few walking/running/jogging tracks for the fitness enthusiasts and playgrounds for kids. Park amenities include drinking water, and parking space.

  • Attraction Type: Landmarks, Parks
  • Address: ELM Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Agate Beach

11. Bolinas Gallery

Bolinas Gallery is an art dealer in the city of Bolinas. Known for the fantastic collection that they house, you will find paintings, photographs, sculptures and more! You can either take a round about the gallery, or even indulge into some little colors by buying that special piece that catches your attention. One of the most offbeat places to visit in Bolinas, head here for a unique experience. What’s more, if you are an artist, you can always head here to gain an insight on how this business works!

  • Attraction Type: Social, Arts, Art Dealers And Galleries
  • Address: 52 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158680782
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Bolinas Gallery

12. Wildlife Gallery & Studio

The art would be nowhere without its art dealers, and while you are in Bolinas and looking for a place to admire as well as purchase some of the great art pieces, Wildlife Gallery & Studio is the place for you.

  • Attraction Type: Social, Arts, Art Dealers And Galleries
  • Address: 48 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158680402
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Wildlife Gallery & Studio 

13. Bolinas Market

Bolinas Market is located in Bolinas and is one of the most visited attractions in Bolinas.

  • Attraction Type: Landmarks, Retail, Food And Beverage
  • Address: 40 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158681441
  • Accommodation: Hotel Near Bolinas Market

14. Bolinas Park

One of the best places to soak up the natural beauty of Bolinas, United States, Bolinas Park offers a plethora of experiences. Whether you are someone who loves to stroll amidst nature, enjoy the lush greenery, or just want to have a fun time out with the kids, Bolinas Park has got to be on your list of things to do in Bolinas, United States.

15. Tamalpais Surf Club

While you are visiting Bolinas for a perfect weekend, you must be searching the place for great water sports. Tamalpais Surf Club is the place that satisfies your needs. Tamalpais Surf Club makes sure that you make the most of this destination in the crystal-clear waters.

  • Attraction Type: Sports And Recreation, Water Sports, Surfing
  • Address: 6 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4156861239
  • Operation Hours: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotel Near Tamalpais Surf Club

16. Bolinas Rod & Boat Club

Bolinas Rod & Boat Club is a lovely place located in Bolinas where you can unwind with your loved ones.

  • Attraction Type: Social, Entertainment, Night Clubs
  • Address: 83 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158680427
  • Accommodation: Hotel Near Bolinas Rod & Boat Club

17. Rca Beach

RCA Beach is a lovely natural place tucked away in Bolinas.This beautiful outdoor site has converted into a significant landmark over the years. RCA Beach is visited by tourists and locals alike to spend some relaxing time in the heart of nature.

  • Attraction Type: Landmarks, Natural, Beaches
  • Address: 451 Mesa Road, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Accommodation: Hotel Near Rca Beach

18. Marin Bolinas Botanical Gardens

Located in Bolinas, Marin Bolinas Botanical Gardens is the place where kids love to play at, and adults like to go for a stroll.

19. 868 Surf Shop

868 Surf Shop is located in Bolinas. This is an ideal place for those who love water sports.When it comes to exploring any city, you must visit places like 868 Surf Shop if you are looking to get some adrenaline rush.

  • Attraction Type: Sports And Recreation, Water Sports, Surfing
  • Address: 6 Wharf Rd, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158681407
  • Operation Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Accommodation: Hotel Near 868 Surf Shop

20. Town Of Bolinas

Town Of Bolinas is an outdoor area nestled in Bolinas.Town Of Bolinas is usually used by locals for recreational activities. Sports lovers will find it an ideal place.

21. Bolinas Quail Refuge

Bolinas Quail Refuge is a beautiful green space nestled in Bolinas.

22. Thackrey & Company

Thackrey & Company is a beautiful winery located just outside the city of Bolinas in United States.

  • Attraction Type: Social, Wineries And Vineyards
  • Address: 240 Overlook Dr, P.O. Box 58, 94924, Bolinas, United States
  • Contact: 1-4158681781
  • Accommodation: Hotels Near Thackrey & Company

23. Joyce Clements Sculpture

Walking through the dynamic city of Bolinas, you will come across many artworks. From sculptures to wall art, the streets are vibrant with stories told by budding as well as professional artists. Joyce Clements Sculpture is one such piece of art. A masterpiece of sorts, this artwork adds immensely to the personality of the city. A great way to live the authentic experience of Bolinas would be to tour the city for more such artworks.

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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Bolinas, California

Must see places in Bolinas ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Bolinas and points of interest to visit.

  1. 2 Mile Surf Shop

    # 1 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 12 times in trip plans
    2 Mile Surf Shop Image

    Address: 22 Brighton Ave, Bolinas, CA 94924, USA

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Dave Black

    Nice place and friendly helpful staff :)

    Read more
  2. Alamere Falls

    # 2 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 57 times in trip plans
    Alamere Falls

    Tags: Waterfall

    Address: Bolinas, CA 94924, USA

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Alamere Falls is a stunning waterfall that cascades over a thirty foot cliff and is nestled deep within the Phillip Burton Wilderness Area. Water gushing down onto the end of a beach is truly a ph...Read more

  3. Bolinas Museum

    # 3 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 47 times in trip plans
    Bolinas Museum Image

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 48 Wharf Rd, P.O. Box 450

    Timings: 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Banchero Media

    A delightful surprise - a diverse and I think significant collection of art from local artists, and a few historical artifacts in a pleasantly maintained courtyard and music garden. And then you are t...

    Read more
  4. Wildlife Gallery & Studio

    # 4 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 9 times in trip plans
    Wildlife Gallery & Studio Image

    Address: 48 Wharf Rd

    Google Reviews
    Edward Boyd

    Keith Hansen is a renowned, world class artist. Specializing in birds, I would place Keith in the top 10 or higher bird illustrators in the world. He has an incredible eye, and an equally incredible a...

    Read more
  5. RCA Beach

    # 5 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 8 times in trip plans
    RCA Beach Image

    Address: 451 Mesa Road

    Google Reviews
    Axel Grim

    Beach made of large rocks, not much sand. Waterfall that smelled horrible. Tidepools of snails and seaweed.

    Read more
  6. Agate Beach County Park

    # 6 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 8 times in trip plans
    Agate Beach County Park Image

    Address: ELM Rd

    Google Reviews
    Stacey Newcomer

    Great hidden beach that wasn't crowded! Clean porta potties, spacious parking lot, short we'll maintained trail to beach. Definitely no pretty agates on beach, but lots of neat shells and cool rocks. ...

    Read more
  7. Bolinas Lagoon

    # 7 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 36 times in trip plans
    Bolinas Lagoon Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: 936 Olema Bolinas Rd

  8. St Aidan's Episcopal Church

    # 8 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 1 time in trip plans
    St Aidan's Episcopal Church Image

    Address: 30 Brighton Ave, P.O. Box 629

    Timings: 12:30 pm - 02:45 pm Details
  9. Town Of Bolinas

    # 9 of 25 Things To Do in Bolinas | Added 7 times in trip plans

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  • China Beach

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