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Home to Latin America’s highest cities, colonial treasures, and absolutely magnificent landscapes, Bolivia is a fairly unknown yet magical destination. It is a landlocked in central South America... Bolivia is home to some highly impressive archaeological sites as well as some stunning natural ones. Bolivia is one of two landlocked countries in South America, with Paraguay being the other. The western third of the country is home to the Andean Highlands, where the two ranges of the Andes Mountains separate to form the Puna. This is where you’ll find the stunning sights of Lake Titicaca, the ruins of Tiwanaku, the capital city of La Paz and the city of Oruro. The lowland eastern part of Bolivia boasts the tropical Amazon Basin and a menagerie of wildlife.

How to enter:-

Air: - Air travel is the obvious way to get to Bolivia, the main airports are located in La Paz to the western side of the country and in Santa Cruz to the east. The arrival plan must be based mostly in the purpose of your visit to the country, you have to remember that La Paz receives most of their visitors due to the immense culture and heritage from the Incas and other indigenous cultures from the Andean region, and therefore from La Paz it is easier to move to the Tiwanaku ruins, Oruro’s carnival,  Potosi’s mines, Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Los Yungas valley and the Andes Mountains

Rail: - There are a few train services in Bolivia, operated by two train companies, eastern ( and western (  The western network is more tourist-orientated, with trains from Oruro to Tupiza.  There are two types of train, the expresso and WaraWara (the slower train makes more stops).Vitoria - Belo Horizonte:  Intercity train services operate on one route, from Vitoria to Belo Horizonte

Climate and best time to visit: - The best time to visit the highland areas is April to October, this is the cooler winter period but it should be dry. In the southern altiplano the sky will be blue but it will be very cold, dropping to many degrees below freezing at night. The summer rainy season from November to March can cause transport problems in the highlands, while the eastern lowlands are warm and steamy year-round.

What to see:-From the deep waters of Lake Titicaca to the multi-colored lakes and salt flats of the plateau, from the steamy jungles of the Amazon basin to pretty colonial towns in stunning landscapes ,Bolivia shows its charming beauty to everyone……so get ready to fly

Food:- Grains and potatoes form the staple diet of the highlanders, often cooked with chilli-like sauces. There are many nourishing varieties of soups, and little meat pastries are very popular. In the lowlands, food is based more around the rice, yucca and bananas grown there. The local beers are cheap and tasty, and chicha is a traditionally potent Andean alcohol made from fermented corn.

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