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A county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya, Bomet might not have many attractions to boast of, however, there are a number of things to do in this county that make it such a coveted destination in Kenya. Due to its proximity to Masai Mara, Bomet is well known to the tourist who wish to explore the former. Must see attractions include a visit to Kariandusi Prehistoric Site whose exhibits are stone-age hand axes, black volcanic glass knives and a molar of the straight tusked elephant which is not extinct. For those who wish to understand the culture of Bomet can move to Ombo and Mariwa Archeological ancient sites to see and admire the cultural displays of the Bomet communities which include pottery, hand axes, obsidian tools, pestles, iron villages and dwellings. For nature lovers, there are a number of activities to cover such as a visit to Langa langa racing circuit, Maasai mara game reserve, a walk through the Olambwe valley forest to see wildlife animals, and Tenwek Water falls.

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