How to Reach Bonito


  • By Plane: The easiest way to reach Bonito is by reaching Campo Grande. From Campo Grande it is necessary to arrange a land transport that may take approximately 3 hours one way. You can also avail the local charter service from Sao Paulo direct to a new airport in Bonito.
  • By Bus: From Sao Paulo, there is a bus service to Bonito that takes around 15 hours to reach here.


Bonito does not have well formed public transport system. It might be difficult to roam around the city without hiring the moto taxis.

  • By Moto-taxis: With a scarcity of other forms of public transport system, getting on to the moto-taxis is the best possible way to reach your attractions.
  • By Bike: Bikes are easily available on rent from most of the points in the city.
  • By Tour Operators: Perhaps the best way to explore Bonito is to just book any tour operator that will take you to most of the attractions that you want to cover.