How to Reach Brasilia


  • By Air: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo have direct flights to Brasilia. Hired cars, taxis and buses will get you in to the city from the airport, which is 12 km away.
  • By Bus: All cities and towns of Brazil are well connected by road to Brasilia, which is centrally located and the seat of the country’s government. Buses from Goiania, Anapolis, Belo Hoerizonte, Rio, Sao Palo and Perenopolis connect Brasilia.


  • By rented cars: If you are not using "city tour" services, it would be a good idea to have a car available. The urban plan of Brasilia is good for driving cars, so it is not surprising that a visit to the city will be much more pleasing having one.
  • By taxi: Although taxis are convenient to get around but hiring one would be bit expensive. Further, they cannot be hailed on the streets. Taxi stands, however, are close to all tourist attractions and any hotel will be able to call a cab or provide the phone number of the best known dispatch offices. 
  • By Metro: Getting around the city by its metro system is the best option as it can make you avoid traffic snarls.
  • By Bus: Most local buses start from or go through the rodoviária, at the precise center of the city, and run along the "wings" - serving the residential zones - or through the Monumental Axis.