How to Reach Brasov

Even if the city of Brasov lacks an airport, it’s not very difficult to reach Brasov with the help of other transportation mediums. Brasov is also close to Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, which makes it easily accessible for the people who are in Romania for the first time.


By Plane: Although Brasov doesn’t have an official airport so far. But the work of building an airport here began in 2015-16 and is still in process. However, there are three airports that are located close to the city. The first and the most preferred one is the Otopeni Airport near Bucharest. It takes around 3 hours to reach here by car. Another one is Sibiu Airport in the west. In the north, there is Targu Mures Airport.

By Train: Brasov is nicely connected to other major cities of of the country by the Romanian railway. 18 trains run everyday from the capital city of Bucharest. There are also the international trains that connect Brasov to Hungary, Vienna, and Budapest. The tourists also like to go for the Intercity trains that are available thrice a day and provide modern and comfortable travel. However, if you need speed, you can catch a Rapid train or if you are concerned about the budget, you can go for the Regio.

By Bus: Brasov has two main bus stations called Autogara 1 and Autogara 2. While the first one is located by the railway station, another one is located on Avram Lancu Street. Except for Sunday and some special days, the buses run everyday from these stops to Bucharest, Sibiu and Târgu Mures.

By Car: One of the best ways to reach Brasov is by car. Brasov is well-connected to the European roads and the road E-60 goes through it. This road connects Brasov to Bucharest, Budapest, Oradea, and Hungary. The road E574 connects to the Moldavia region. Traveling by car will also allow to you to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the region.


Getting around Brasov is quite comfortable. The city has 40 lines running through it and connecting various parts of the city. The city also have availed an open double deck bus tour for the tourists. However, many people also prefer to get around the city by taxi. Taxis are comparatively cheaper and you will find the area around train stationed dotted with a number of such taxis. Apart from this, bicycle tour is also popular in Brasov. There are many shops that rent a bike for visiting the nearby world heritage sites.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Brasov. The most preferred mode of transport in Brasov is Walking.

Average distance: 7.23 km Average time: 25.13 min

  • Walking 41.67%
    Walking 29.1 min Driving 3.8 min Bus 2.5 min Waiting 2.1 min Bike 0.5 min Other 0.1 min Overall average time for 3.85 kms 38.1 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 16.67%
    Bus 11.25 min Walking 5.5 min Waiting 4.5 min Overall average time for 7.85 kms 21.25 min
  • Car 37.5%
    Driving 12.67 min Walking 1.44 min Overall average time for 11.22 kms 14.11 min
  • Bike 4.17%
    Bike 10 min Overall average time for 2.5 kms 10 min
Route Distance Time
Bucharest to Brasov 135.16 km 2 hours 15 mins
Râmnicu sărat to Brasov 162.85 km 2 hours 42 mins
Craiova to Brasov 239.2 km 3 hours 59 mins
Galați to Brasov 268.39 km 4 hours 28 mins
Timișoara to Brasov 485.9 km 8 hours 5 mins
Istanbul to Brasov 592.75 km 9 hours 52 mins
Athens to Brasov 802.34 km 13 hours 22 mins
Warsaw to Brasov 842.33 km 14 hours 2 mins
Kranj to Brasov 1251.26 km 20 hours 51 mins
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