Events and Festivals in Bratislava

Bratislava’s rich culture is kept alive through its festivals which narrate the story of its glorious past while still embracing its present charm.

  • Bratislava Ball (January): Adhering to the traditional way of announcing new Debutantes in the society, the Ball does need a special invitation. And if you do have one, be ready for a night of traditional music, regal ball dances and a general flair of the who’s who of the society.
  • Siege of Bratislava (late June / early July): The Siege of Bratislava is one of the most important events in the city. Re-enacting the battle in which Napoleon was defeated, the festival is a great way to get in the historic zest of the city.
  • Festival of Historic Fencing (July / August): A cultural festival where you can see the art of fencing first-hand and learn about the age old practices of execution enacted by the local artists.
  • Bratislava City Marathon (March / April): Run a short marathon or simply enjoy the activities arranged including concerts, shows and fireworks which make the festival rather popular.
  • Wine Festival (May / September): Locals and Tourists alike take part in the Small Carpathian Wine Route as you ‘wine-taste’ your heart away.
  • Junifest (June): Known to be influenced by Oktoberfest in Munich, the Junifest is loved for its variety of beer from all over the region, concerts, shows and the popular Miss Junifest Pageant. 

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