Events and Festivals in Bremen

  • January: The traditional "Eiswette" is held every year at the Weser River on January 6th. A tailor tries to cross the river with a glowing iron trying not to be wet.
  • February: The Bremen carnival, one of the most important events of the city takes place in February every year.  
  • July: Bremen Summer Theatre Festival is held for five days in the month of July where there are a number of theatrical performances by various artists. Breminale, a major riverside cultural event is celebrated for five days, stretching over a kilometre. A number of people from literary, music and fine arts backgrounds come together and take part in the festival. 
  • August: The Maritime festival takes place for three days in the month of August. The festival attracts thousands of tourists every year who indulge themselves in the events pertaining to folk, rock and several other music genres. It must be on your trip planners if you are a lover of music. 
  • September: A contemporary and historical music event, Musikfest Bremen is held every September and is known as one of the biggest music festivals of Germany.
  • October: Freimarkt is a major old cultural fest held every year in Bremen. Here, a number of producers sell their goods at the annual flea market without any restrictions. It gained place among the largest public festivals annually held in Germany. Plan your trip during October to get some great deals on local made products and souvenirs.

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