Best Things To Do in Bremen, Germany

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  • Altstadt: Also known as the old town, it is an oval place surrounded by the River Weser.
  • Town Hall: A magnificent Gothic and Renaissance style building honoured as the world heritage site by UNESCO. The tourist information centre provides with the internal tours at specific timings.
  • The Roland Statue: A huge statue erected in memory of the city’s protector Bremen Roland.
  • Die Stadtmusikanten: Statues of Dog, Donkey, Rooster and a cat inspired by the Fairy tales of Grimm Brothers. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of Bremen.
  • St Peter's Cathedral: A thirteenth century cathedral located towards the east of the marktplatz.
  • Schlachte: A riverside boulevard, previously the medieval harbour in the city.
  • The Liebfrauenkirche: Our Lady’s church constructed in the 11th century. Known to be the oldest in Bremen.


  • Beck's Brewery Tour: Tour of the Bremen’s famous Beck’s beer with an informative tour guide. Address : Am Deich 18-19, 28199 Bremen, State of Bremen, Germany.
  • Bremen Photography Tours: A city tour with a twist of photography and a great travel guide. Address: Marktplatz | Roland Statue, 28205 Bremen, State of Bremen, Germany.

Below we have a list of things to do in Bremen and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bremen getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bremen with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bremen

Here is the list of things to do in Bremen and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Schnoor

    Town, Neighborhoods

    Part of Bremen’s old town, this neighbourhood is as pretty as a German town can get. 16th and 17th century half timbered houses on either side of narrow cobblestoned streets are a delight to walk through. The word Schnoor means string, and is probably a reference to how the rows of buildings look like strings. You’ll find many shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, all of which ooze ch...Read more
  2. Bremen Town Hall And Square

    Landmark, Mall, Market, Shopping Center

    You’re looking at a rare treat – the only European Medieval town hall that hasn’t been destroyed or altered (too much) since it was first built. A pinnacle of Gothic brick architecture, this townhouse was built in the 15th century – and it’s also a fantastic example of Weser Renaissance architecture. Much of Bremen’s most important political events have happe...Read more
  3. St. Peter's Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Cathedral

    This is another jewel in the Markplatz’s cap. The cathedral’s two front 99 metre high towers dominate Bremen’s skyline (you can climb one of them for a magnificent view of Bremen). Initially a Romanesque structure, it got a Gothic makeover in the 15th century. It’s remarkable the church even exists – Bremen cathedrals are famous for the sheer number of times they&r...Read more
  4. Burgerpark And City Forest

    Outdoors, Garden, Botanical Garden, Educational Site

    Every city claims to have a park that is paradise, but few live up to it. Bremen’s 202 hectare municipal park and forest does. It’s the fourth largest such park in Germany, and its trails and trees and lakes and lawns never runs out of things to show you. The people watching is fantastic, of course. All of Bremen comes here to chill out. You’ll find people jogging, strolling, ...Read more
  5. Boettcherstrasse And Museen Boettcherstrasse

    Outdoors, Landmark, Educational Site, Historical Site

    This 100 metre long street in Bremen’s Old Town is fascinating. It’s architecture is highly curious and beautiful example of brick expressionist styles. Most of the buildings you see here are were built in the 1920s and  1930, at the initiative of a rich coffee merchant. It’s full of arts and crafts workshops, bars, restaurants, shops and a hotels. There is also carillon ...Read more
  6. Muhle Am Wall

    4.3 (664 Votes)
    Muhle Am Wall

    Outdoors, Educational Site, Restaurant, Architecture

    This windmill and its shuttered sails are so cute you want to punch its face. It’s the last of the eight Bremen windmills from the 17th and 18th centuries. This particular design of windmill is called a smock mill. You can check it out for a very nominal fee, and there’s a restaurant (Kainside. The paths and bright flowery gardens that surround it are a lovely place to walk. You can...Read more
  7. Beck's Brewery Tour

    3.5 (199 Votes)
    Beck's Brewery Tour

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Leisure

    Beck’s is Germany’s best selling beer. On this tour, you’ll get to visit the museum, learn about the science of brewing beer, and see the actual brewing process. At the end, you get to taste the different types of Beck’s beers. The guides are extremely charming. The best part about the tour though, is that helps you understand how this beer heritage relates to Bremen its...Read more
  8. Rhododendronpark Bremen And Botanika

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Entertainment, Nature

    One of Bremens’ loveliest attractions, this collection of Rhododendrons and azaleas is one of the largest in the world. Shady trails course through vividly colourful bushes. Over 550 species of the flowers grow here. The best time to visit the park is in May, when park’s late spring display simply dazzles you with brilliant whites, red, yellows and violets. Hundreds of thousands of ...Read more
  9. Universum Sceince Centre

    4.6 (193 Votes)
    Universum Sceince Centre

    Museum, Science Museum, Educational Site, Specialty Museum

    The highly futuristic looking museum’s 250 interactive exhibits touch mainly on three subjects: man, earth and cosmos. The building itself is impressive – the 40000 steel scales its comprised of looks like a cross between whales and mussels. Its highlights are: The earthquake room that actually shakes and trembles. Freddy, the rowing skeleton that demonstrates exercise. The absolut...Read more
  10. Knoops Park

    Park, Leisure, Nature

    Though everyone may enjoy this park, its sensory garden caters specifically to the blind. The park has 16 sections, and reliefs imprinted with Braille tell the blind how these sections were designed. There are about 500 plant species here, some of which flower. There is a river close by, and the paths are lovely for a casual stroll. You’ll see kids running about with their dogs, and littl...Read more
  11. Spitting Stone

    Outdoors, Landmark, Square

    In Domshof square, if you see otherwise perfectly well behaved citizens randomly spitting at a particular spot, don’t worry. That exact spot is where Gesche Gottfried, a notorious and widely despised criminal, was executed. Her crimes? Between 1813 and 1828, she poisoned 15 people with arsenic, though no one quite knows why.
  12. Alte Pumpwerk

    4.5 (193 Votes)
    Alte Pumpwerk

    Historical Site

    This is a disused sewage pumping station that’s now been converted into a museum on Bremen’s sanitation culture and history. In addition to learning about the machines, you can also step into an actual sewer. It’s not for everybody, but give it shot! It is also a venue for theatre and cabaret. Check the attraction website to see what’s on.
  13. Drop Tower

    View Point, Educational Site, Tower

    The building is vital for research involving weightlessness and free-falls. 123 metres high, it has a 110 metre drop that provides about 9.3 seconds of free-fall. Scientists from all over the world drop in to take advantage of this (pun totally intended) for researches in astrophysics, biology, chemistry, combustion, fluid dynamics, fundamental physics, materials sciences and space travel. Thou...Read more
  14. Town Musicians Of Bremen Or Bremer Stadtmusikanten

    Outdoors, Educational Site, Historical Site, Monument

    This is folktale that was recorded by the Brothers Grimm. The title or the characters never arrived in Bremen though. It is story of donkey, a cat, a rooster and a dog. What are here for the tourist to see are the modeled statues of these animals, called the Town of Musicians. The statues reside in front of each of the five veterinary schools in Germany. They were all gifts given to the schools.
  15. Weser Stadion Or Weser Stadium

    Outdoors, Stadium, Play, Sports Camp

    This is scenically beautiful sports complex situated on the north bank of Weser River. It is surrounded by greenery and is just about 1 kilometer away from the city center. It homes the German Bundesliga club, Werder Bremen. It tried to bid to be the host city for 2006 FIFA World Cup but was unfortunately turned down. They have seen legends perform in their stadium, which include Bon Jovi, Mich...Read more

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