15 Best Things To Do in Brig, Switzerland

by Seema Nande Updated on 15 Oct 2018

Brig is an old and lovely town in Switzerland which is filled with hotels, cozy inns, and houses. Thanks to its beautiful terrain, there are plenty of things to do in Brig. You can surely stay here for some time while your vacation as you will find a whole lot of interesting places to visit in Brig. Simplon Pass is very closely linked with Brig and is one of the major points of interest of Brig. Immediately behind the gates of the city, you will find this beautiful alpine pass which was made in the 19th century and serves as one of the prime tourist attractions of Brig. There are more than 150 kms of hiking trails in Brig for the hiking lovers.

Here's the best things to do in Brig:

1. Simplon Pass

Simplon pass - ImagePhoto: flickr.com

One of the highest mountain passes in the world stands at 6,578 feet high. It is between the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland and the Pennine Alps. You will find here a mountain passage which is there for a few centuries. Engineer Nicolas Ceard constructed the Simplon Road. Brig is connected with the pass in the canton of Valais. Near the pass, you will also find a lake named Rotelsee which is at the height of 1,640 feet. From a pass itself, you can climb a lot of peaks like Hubschhorn, Wasenhorn, Monte Leone, and Breithorn.

2. Thermal Spa Brigerbad

The thermal pool will invite you with a great temperature of 34 to 37 degrees. Other than the great temperature, you will find here grotto swimming pools and water massage jets which are increasing the number of visitors visiting here day by day. There are 16 different indoor and outdoor thermal bath basins here. You can enjoy the Daredevil jump as you will find a lot of rocks are their over the pool for that. If you are in love with sliding, then you will not like to miss the 182 meter slide there. There are sports and games facilities for your entertainment.

3. Stockalper Castle

During the period of 1651 to 1671, the Stockalper Castle was built by the bankers, merchants, politicians, military officials, and the entrepreneurs. In the 17th century in Switzerland, the biggest private property is without any doubt the Stockalper Castle. There are three towers in the palace and all are gilded and of onion shaped. This certainly shows the wealth of the Stockalper at that time. Once Stockalper was the last word in the business of transportation and salt trade. The life can be still seen in the showcases of the museum in the castle. The chapel and the garden in the castle are two other beautiful things to watch. Now, the castle is used as Brig Municipal Corporation’s headquarters.

4. Airvolution

It is going to be an unforgettable journey. If you are going to Brig, you must not miss the Airvolution. The experience of flying over the mountains will fill your soul with joy. If you are going for the first time, still you can make it safely as the flight will not be scary at all as all the pilots are professional and know their work pretty well. People who visit there always claim that this was the best experience of their lives.

5. Word Nature Forum Unesco Jungfrau-Aletsch

This center hss opened in the Alpine space on the September of 2016. The visitors can have the experience of the thrilling and the immerse nature of the Alps. Researchers here study on the cultural and the natural heritage of the place. From the Brig railway station, the place is just at a walking distance. If you are visiting there by a car, there is enough parking place to help you with the parking. The opening time is 10 AM to 5 PM, every Tuesday to Sunday.

6. Aletschspa (Naters)

Brig is known for some great skiing places. If you are Brig and skiing in the Aletsch Arena then the best place to relax after the skiing is the Aletschspa. The place is near to the arena and you can enjoy the luxury of the thermal baths there. You will find lockers, mirrors, hairdryers, and changing facilities here. There are different pools with different temperatures both indoor and outdoor. There are water jets available to massage your body. You can enjoy a rock jump too here. A few hours in the place will make you a lot relaxed.

7. Chemin Pedestre de la Rampe Sud du Lotschberg

Things to do in Brig - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

A walk here can be the best experience of your life. You have to do some climbing but the track is signposted quite well so there is no problem in that. You have to walk through a lot of construction tunnels. The best thing is that you will be able to see a lot of greenery and experience some wildlife too. There are places where you can just stay for a small picnic. Moreover, you can take some great photographs if you are a nature lover. Summer can be a bit hot here so avoid walking in summer.

8. ViaStockalper – Stockalpertrail

One of the best places for hiking in winter. Following one of the most historic and renowned mountain route will fill you with joy. The trail is not that hard to follow and anyone can follow the routes. The landscape there is a real treat to watch. You must visit there with a camera as you will like to watch the beauty of the place time and again and the images will be your companion at the time.

9. Museo delle guardie svizzere

The museum was founded in the year 2006 and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Brig. There is a replica of St. Pierre Basilica at the entrance of the building made by Heinz Julen Zermatt. The museum is filled with historic items. It is only a 20 minutes’ walk from the Brig station if you want to walk. You can visit there by cars or small trains too.

10. Aletsch Arena

The Alestech Arena is one of the most family friendly places to visit in Brig. For staying, you will find here hotels, chalets, and the traditional valais homes. The Aletsch glacier covers an area of nearly 100 square kilometers. It is made from a total of 27 billion tons of ice. The melted water from the ice goes to Rhone. It claimed a spot in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites in the year 2001. There are a total of six cable cars to carry the tourists to the Aletsch Region paradise. It is one of the best places to hike in the world.

11. Seilpark Baschweri

This is a great place in Brig to go with family and enjoy. The rock climbing is really great as the staff here take a lot of precautions with the tourists. They speak many languages which makes it easy to converse. You will get detailed instructions on how to go. There are a total of 6 courses which you can’t complete in a day as you get only 3 hours for that. If all the members of your family are over 14 years old, the suggestion is to go for courses number 1, 2, 3,  and 6.

12. Bayard Alpine Lifestyle

A great place to shop in Brig. You can get the top brands here of clothes for outdoor and sports. As Brig is known for ski, you will get a great collection of ski and snowboard equipments here for the winters. They offer great equipments for you in the summer time too. If you are thinking about hunting, golfing, or even running, you will get all you want at the Bayard Alpine Lifestyle.

13. Riederalp

The place is widely known for its exceptional beauty. Near the great Aletsch region is located the great Riederalp holiday resort. You can see the peaks of the Valais Alps from the resort. Highly regarded as one of the best family resorts, the resort has a lot of entertaining stuff for the children. For the golf lovers, there is a golf course too in the middle of the village.

14. Alpine Trails

Alpine trails - ImagePhoto: pixabay.com

If you have a love for hiking, the Alpine trails are the place you must visit while your stay at Brig. The trails are very secure and safe. A lot of people visit the place every year and go home with complete satisfaction. As the place is safe, first timers can come here to without any fear. You will get good accommodation facilities here for relaxing. You can also have the best mountain biking experience here.

15. Chanton Weine

one of the best places in Brig to stop by for a drink or to have some local dishes is Chanton Weine. The items here are delicious and you can get different types of wine to your liking. In one word, the food experience here is awesome.

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Must see places in Brig ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Brig and point of interests to visit.

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    Address: Saflischstrasse 3, 3900 Brig, Switzerland

    Timings: 07:00 am - 09:00 pm Details
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    Josiah Hatch

    Large room, front office staff was very nice and very helpful. We only had dessert from the restaurant in the hotel but it was excellent. Breakfast in the morning was also quite good. Would definitely...

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    Glacier Express Brig Image

    Address: Bahnhofplatz 7, 3900 Brig, Switzerland

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    Zeughaus Kultur Image

    Address: Gliserallee 91, 3902 Brig, Switzerland

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    Super Proformens.

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    Galmji Image

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    Address: 3907 Brig, Switzerland

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    Nice downhill

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    Aletschgletscher Image

    Address: 3902 Brig, Switzerland

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    David Vetsch

    Breath-taking. Love it!

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    Kino Capitol Image

    Address: Furkastrasse 14

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    Rod Chuck

    A comfortable provincial cinema with an attractive bar and pizzeria. Occasionally some good films shown

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    Den Hartogh Productions AG Image

    Address: Schulhausstrasse 18

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    Stockalperschloss Image

    Address: Alte Simplonstrasse 28

  9. # 9 of 15 Things To Do in Brig | Added 13 times in trip plans
    Mediathek Wallis Image

    Address: Schlossstrasse 30

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