How to Reach Brno


Train tickets into and out of Brno are much cheaper if bought online though you can indeed by them at the train station.

By Train:

The Brno Train Station is close to the city centre and only walking distance from most attractions.

  • Prague: 2¾h, hourly EC/Ex trains
  • Olomouc: 1½h, every 2 hours
  • Ostrava: 2¼h, hourly
  • Vienna: 2h, EC trains every 2 hours (from Wien Meidling

By Car:

  • You’ll have to buy a toll sticker. Road to Brno come in from Ostrava, Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Svitavvy

By Bus:

  • Bohemian Lines goes to Copenhagen(EUR 57), Stockholm(EUR67) and Oslo
  • Student Agency has many perks and is cheap. Vienna for EUR 9
  • Tourbus – serves many destinations
  • Eurolines – even has Wi-Fi. Book ahead.

By Air:

  • Brno-Limited number of flights to and from London, Bergamo, Alicante, Luton, Rome, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Prague. Reach the airport from Brno using Bus 76 (departs every 30 minutes between 0430 and 2330 for CZK 25)
  • You may also go toBratislava Milan RastislavStefanik Airport (90 minutes), Prague Ruzyne Airport (2 hours) and the Vienna International Airport / Wien Schwechat (2 – 3 hours) for more flight options.


Trains, trams, buses and trolleybuses serve Brno public transport. But transfer tickets (15-minutes short for CZK 20; 60-minute long for CZK 25) at yellow ticket vending machines at all bus and tram stops. Drivers will sell you the 60-minute ticket for CZK 35.Or you can simply buy a network ticket for Brno for CZK 86.

Otherwise just walk around. The best attractions are all clumped together anyway.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Brno. The most preferred mode of transport in Brno is Bus/Trolleybus.

Average distance: 9.22 km Average time: 25.71 min

  • Bus/Trolleybus 28.13%
    Bus 19.61 min Walking 5.03 min Waiting 4.39 min Train 1.39 min Tram 0.89 min Other 0.39 min Driving 0.28 min Overall average time for 7.73 kms 31.97 min
  • Walking 25%
    Walking 17.44 min Tram 0.69 min Bus 0.63 min Bike 0.63 min Driving 0.63 min Waiting 0.44 min Other 0.13 min Overall average time for 2.58 kms 20.56 min
  • Bike 4.69%
    Bike 21 min Walking 1 min Overall average time for 10.17 kms 22 min
  • Car 28.13%
    Driving 22.61 min Bus 1.11 min Walking 0.78 min Train 0.56 min Overall average time for 18.18 kms 25.06 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 10.94%
    Tram 15.14 min Waiting 4.43 min Walking 4.43 min Bus 1.43 min Overall average time for 5.5 kms 25.43 min
  • Train/Metro 1.56%
    Train 14 min Walking 6 min Overall average time for 4 kms 20 min
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