Events and Festivals in Broome

  • Shinju Matsuri Festival of the Pearl (5th-14th September): Broome’s pearling industry has given the world many of the best gifts the sea has given to mankind. During its initial years, many Japanese pearl divers helped Broome in its quest to look for quality pearls; an endeavor that claimed many a life of the divers. The Japanese Cemetery at Broome is a tribute to all those who lost their lives to pearl diving. Every year, the Shinju Matsuri Festival of the Pearl to honor Broome’s pearl industry and the hardships and achievements it’s achieved. This week long celebration includes parades, boat races, concerts and stalls of food.
  • Broome Mango Festival (November): For all those traveling to Broome in the wet season, here’s your wet season. What’s the one fruit that thrives the best in rainy weather? That’s right, the king of all fruits! Come November, the last week of the month is dedicated to celebrating this well loved fruit with people showing  off the different ways you can enjoy the fruit. A variety of competitions like the Mango Quiz, Mango Cocktail Competition, and various food stalls selling Mango jams and other such delicacies.
  • Staircase to the Moon (March-October): Broome’s equivalent of the Aurora Borealis, the Staircase to the Moon too is a phenomenon that is only visible for a few months, provided the weather conditions don’t act up too much. Staircase to the Moon is caused when a full moon rises and the rays expose the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay and it creates an illusion of a staircase that literally leads to the moon. This natural optical illusion can be seen two to three times in a month. Check Broome’s Visitor Centre for accurate timings of the Staircase.

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