How to Reach Broome


  • By Air: The easiest way is to fly to Broome from Perth and Darwin. Not many international flights offer to land directly from another country.
  • By Bus: There are buses that run from Perth and Darwin but the distances are huge so unless you’re travelling on a budget and can’t afford air fare, avail of this option.
  • By Car: Driving down from Perth and Darwin too is an option but the issue of distance remains. You could make a road trip out of it if you’re travelling with a group of friends and take turns at the wheel.
Route Distance Time
Wickham to Broome 586.87 km 9 hours 46 mins
Dianella to Broome 1029.02 km 17 hours 9 mins
Armadale to Broome 1030.08 km 17 hours 10 mins
Warwick to Broome 1031.46 km 17 hours 11 mins
Coolbinia to Broome 1031.67 km 17 hours 11 mins
Clarkson to Broome 1031.88 km 17 hours 11 mins
Perth to Broome 1032.65 km 17 hours 12 mins
Cottesloe to Broome 1040.99 km 17 hours 20 mins
Adelaide to Broome 2177.58 km 36 hours 17 mins