How to Reach Bruges


  • By Air: To get to Bruges by air, you will have to take a flight to Brussels and then take a train or car to Bruges.
  • By Train: Bruges is well connected to most big European cities by train. From Brussels, there is a train leaving every 30 minutes for Bruges.


  • By Taxi: Taxis are available near the city center and the train station. But in a place like Bruges, surrounded by scenic canals, taxis are the most vapid mode of transport.
  • By Public Transport: There is a small network of buses that operate in Bruges. There are a number of buses that travel to the city center for a cost of about 1.50 Euros. Hop on any bus that reads ‘Centrum’.
  • By Hired Car: It’s almost a shame for a beautiful city like Bruges to have cars as a mode of transport (horse-drawn carriages would fit better). If you do insist on travelling on four wheels, be warned that Bruges is a one-way city with confusing streets. Although parking is not such a problem because of the dedicated car-parks near the train station and in town as well, parking is not cheap.
  • By Bicycles: Oh what a dreamy ride around Bruges could do to relax a mind! Bicycles are the ideal way to get around in Bruges. Take a guided tour on your bike or get lost in this quaint town all by yourself. There are a number of cycle-renting companies in Bruges. Light on the pocket and good for your health!
Route Distance Time
Sint-michiels to Bruges 3.19 km 3 mins
Assebroek to Bruges 3.37 km 3 mins
Desselgem to Bruges 38.37 km 38 mins
Ghent to Bruges 57.19 km 57 mins
Lille to Bruges 67.01 km 1 hour 7 mins
Ath to Bruges 88.83 km 1 hour 28 mins
Aalst to Bruges 95.58 km 1 hour 35 mins
Mons to Bruges 116.58 km 1 hour 56 mins
Antwerp to Bruges 130.99 km 2 hours 10 mins
Brussels to Bruges 131.25 km 2 hours 11 mins