Events and Festivals in Bucharest


  • EUROPA fest: Two weeks of jazz, blues and pop music in the middle of May. Most of the performers are European. Held at many venues around the city.


  • The Traditional Crafts Fair: Artists from all over the country come to the village museum and hold workshops on every imaginable Romanian handicraft.
  • Bucharest Street Music Festival: Troubadors play on the streets of the city, playing Romanian folk music.


  • Bucharest of Old: A celebration of Bucharest as it used to be 150 years ago.Costumed parades. Horse-drawn carriages. Make space in your vacation travel itinerary planner.
  • B’estFest: A Romanian music festival that swells into a full on cultural fair – art, games, fashion, film and sports
  • Sighisoara Medieval Festival: Using medieval music and craft, a three days festival dedicated to a period recreation of the town of Sighisoara.

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