Best Things To Do in Budapest, Hungary

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If you want to experience the most astonishing view of Budapest, you should visit the Buda Castle on Buda hill with its lookout across the Danube. 

  • Basilica of St. Stephen: Neoclassical cathedral built in 1905. It keeps small treasury of ecclestiastical objects. Climb up to the top of the dome for another amazing view of the city. 
  • Matthias Church: Neo-Gothic building with a colourful tiled roof, Church boasts frescoes, stained-glass windows and Romanic wall decorations. 
  • The Chain Bridge: The city's oldest bridge and one of the most recognizable city symbols. The twin-towered bridge was built in 1849. and was the first permanent dry link between Pest and Buda. 
  • The Parliament Building: This remarkable building was built in 1902. as a blend of different architectural styles – neo-Gothic, neo-Romanesque, neo-Baroque. It has 690 rooms, but there are only three of them available to visitors. It preserves lot of national and cultural treasures. 
  • The Fisherman's bastion: A terace in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style on Buda hill, with amazing view over the Danube and Pest. 
  • Buda Castle Labyrinth: Almost a mile long cave system under the Castle district attracts many visitors. Explore the five separate labyrinths that have been used since prehistoric times. 

Pubs and Nightlife 

  • As a true metropolis, Budapest offers many pubs, locals and places to spend a pleasant and fun nightlife. Whether you want to have a drink, dance all night or listen to specific sort of music, you will find all of that and much more. Visit Rocktogon Rock Music Club, Palacio de la Salsa for latin music, Romkert, a summer beer garden or listen to piano music in Piaf, a stylish jazz nightclub. 


  • The most popular shopping street in Budapest is Vaci street. 
  • WestEnd City Center with its 400 shops was recently the largest shopping mall in Central Europe. It is located in Vaci street. 
  • The Great Market Hall on its three levels will provide you with all the goods that you might need.

Below we have a list of things to do in Budapest and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Budapest getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Budapest with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Budapest

Here is the list of things to do in Budapest and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Fishermans Bastion

    4.7 (9597 Votes)
    Fishermans Bastion

    Landmark, Historical Site, Architecture

    The Buda Bank on the Danube is prettily dotted with a construction that looks somewhat like a terrace. This place is called the Fisherman’s Bastion. This structure is built close to the Matthias church. Built and designed between the years 1895 and 1902 by Frigyes Schulek, this Gothic structure is something out of a fairytale. However it was damaged in the Second World War and reconstruct...Read more
  2. St Stephens Basilica

    4.7 (6855 Votes)
    St Stephens Basilica

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    St Stephen’s Basilica, also known as Szent Istvan Bazilika is locally considered to be the most important church in the city of Budapest. It has a very high historical value. The Basilica is named after Stephen I, the first King of Hungary. His hand is said to be housed inside the reliquary. This church started as the sixth largest church in Hungary and this was recorded before the year 1...Read more
  3. Shoes On The Danube Bank

    4.6 (5871 Votes)
    Shoes On The Danube Bank

    Historical Site, Memorial, War Memorial

    Shoes on the Danube Bank is one of the most heart-breaking and touching memorials in Budapest. Danube as a delta is present in a lot of other cities, but in Budapest it has an even higher historic significance. It is a bitter reminder of the ordeal that the Jews had to go through during the World War II. It represents the Jews who were killed by the Arrow Cross Militiamen, by being asked to tak...Read more
  4. Budapest Pinball Museum

    4.8 (2629 Votes)
    Budapest Pinball Museum

    Museum, Entertainment, Games

    Budapest Pinball Museum is one of the most frequented attractions in Budapest. The love for pinball machines is widespread in the world. Be it in local fairs or high end gaming zones or even simply on your computer, pinball has always been preferred by people of almost all ages. The man who’s behind the Budapest Pinball museum fell in love with the idea of pinball machines in a very simil...Read more
  5. Buda Castle

    4.7 (8296 Votes)
    Buda Castle

    Castle, Historical Site, Architecture , Fountain

    The Hungarian lords in Budapest were housed by the iconic Buda Castle. This beautiful building was built in 1265. The place initially was called Royal Palace or the Royal Castle. Constructed at the southern tip of Castle Hill, and flanked in the north by Castle District or Várnegyed, the medieval castle is sure to be an interesting pit stop in Budapest. The castles, crypts and other hist...Read more
  6. Gellert Hill

    4.7 (6117 Votes)
    Gellert Hill

    Garden, View Point, Walking Area, Historical Site

    Gellert Hill overlooks the city of Budapest. This hill is a wonderful place to spend a Sunday. If you climb to the top you will be able to see an amazing sight. The Danube in all its glory can be seen expanding on both sides of the Hill. The place has become an affluent residential place with some of Budapest’s most important people having set up house here. It is also a part of the World...Read more
  7. Heroes Square

    4.6 (6978 Votes)
    Heroes Square

    Walking Area, Monument, Square

    Hosok Tere or Heroes’ square in Budapest is a beautiful monument that attracts a lot of tourists in Budapest. The square commemorates the arrival of the first people who formed the nation of Hungary to the capital. In this sense, it is the most powerful symbol of Hungary in itself.  Since it was built to commemorate 1000 years of the settlement of people in Hungary it is also called ...Read more
  8. Margaret Island

    4.7 (1469 Votes)
    Margaret Island

    Island, Ancient Ruin, Monument, Statue

    Margaret Island is a great place to spend an entire day. The island was an important place in the middle ages when it was a religious hub. Even today you can see some of the medieval ruins in this area. In those days, the Margaret Island was only accessible by water but now you can reach it through Margaret Bridge. This island in the river Danube has become a popular recreational centre. There ...Read more
  9. Budapest Operetta Theatre

    4.8 (4104 Votes)
    Budapest Operetta Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre, Concert

    Like a lot of other places, a lot of history of the world has been lost due to the unfortunate World War I and World War II. The long standing Budapest Operetta Theatre is an example of revival of history in the most artistic way possible. Before the break out of World War I, this place functioned as an Orpheum bar. This time was not only known as the golden age of entertainment but also as the...Read more
  10. Miniversum

    4.7 (3462 Votes)

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    The second thing that somebody wants to do after planning a visit to Budapest is fit in Vienna in the plan. Unfortunately, more often than not that does not end up happening. But with Miniversum, you can have a little of Vienna, infact a little of Austria and even Germany experience. It is one of the most gigantic sets of models laid out for you to get an experience of the best of places in Bud...Read more
  11. Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

    Zoo, Botanical Garden

    Budapest is the best city to learn the art of resource management. This zoo that opened up in the year 1866 is still as well maintained and much to our delight has expanded beautifully over the years. It is the oldest zoo in the whole of Hungary and is also one of the oldest in the whole world. With about 1072 species, these Botanical Gardens are sure to make you squeal like a child. Out of the...Read more
  12. Holocaust Memorial Center

    4.3 (1563 Votes)
    Holocaust Memorial Center


    Holocaust Memorial Centre does not only house a heart wrenching permanent exhibition but also has various temporary and travelling exhibitions that add a little more to the historical aspect of Budapest. The permanent exhibition is a reflection of the torturous past that the Jews had to deal with. It also shows that Germany was not the only one hit by the unfortunate mentality of the Nazis but ...Read more
  13. Vajdahunyad Castle

    4.7 (1509 Votes)
    Vajdahunyad Castle

    Castle, Architecture

    The Vajdahunyad Castle situated inside City Park in Budapest. Constructed for the millennium Exhibition which put Budapest on the world map, the castle was initially made of cardboard.  It was only concretized later.  Today it is a grand and majestic tourist attraction. This building was a part of the Millennium Celebrations of Budapest which marked the 1000 year anniversary of settle...Read more
  14. Liberty Bridge Image


    Originally built for the Millennium exhibition in the year 1896, the liberty bridge is supposed to be the connect between the Buda and the Pest of Budapest. It was originally named Francis Joseph and today is the third shortest bridge of Budapest. With a mind blowing architecture, this bridge has people going using it at almost all times of the day. Named after the emperor, soon after its creat...Read more
  15. House Of Terror

    4 (1321 Votes)
    House Of Terror

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    The house of terror museum is a member of the platform of European Memory and Conscience and is looked after by Dr Mária Schmidt today. It was opened in the year 2000 and is dedicated to the victims of fascism and communism. The site of the building is very important as many were killed, tortured, interrogated during this time in the past building of the House of terror museum. It also c...Read more

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  • I will be traveling through for one day and staying the night. What would be the one thing to do forsure

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    • I suggest you visit the Buda Castle District first. Here you will be able to visit multiple attractions including Fishermen's Bastion, the Royal Palace, Matthias Church on Holy Trinity Square. You may also take the funicular down the Castle Hill or stroll along the Chain Bridge. Check out the shoes by the Shoes on the Danube monument. Visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, Central Market Hall, and relax at Szechenyi Thermal Baths. 

      You may even check out these tours and activities in Budapest and book a tour if it interests you.  

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    • You can reach your hotel from the airport by opting for a taxi or minibus/shuttle service. The 200E buses are also a good option along with a train depending on the area you are staying in. 

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