Fun and Entertaining Places in Budapest

The city of Budapest will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Budapest. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Budapest that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Budapest anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Budapest:

  1. Budapest Pinball Museum

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    Budapest Pinball Museum

    Museum, Entertainment, Games

    Budapest Pinball Museum is one of the most frequented attractions in Budapest. The love for pinball machines is widespread in the world. Be it in local fairs or high end gaming zones or even simply on your computer, pinball has always been preferred by people of almost all ages. The man who’s behind the Budapest Pinball museum fell in love with the idea of pinball machines in a very simil...Read more
  2. Budapest Operetta Theatre

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    Budapest Operetta Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre, Concert

    Like a lot of other places, a lot of history of the world has been lost due to the unfortunate World War I and World War II. The long standing Budapest Operetta Theatre is an example of revival of history in the most artistic way possible. Before the break out of World War I, this place functioned as an Orpheum bar. This time was not only known as the golden age of entertainment but also as the...Read more
  3. Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

    Zoo, Botanical Garden

    Budapest is the best city to learn the art of resource management. This zoo that opened up in the year 1866 is still as well maintained and much to our delight has expanded beautifully over the years. It is the oldest zoo in the whole of Hungary and is also one of the oldest in the whole world. With about 1072 species, these Botanical Gardens are sure to make you squeal like a child. Out of the...Read more
  4. Gozsdu Udvar

    Walking Area, Entertainment

    Like every main city, there is a center in Budapest too which is a great place to connect to the locals. It does not only mingle people from different walks of life but gets history, entertainment, culture and gastronomy under one roof. With a very glorious past and a strong association to the Budapest history until the 20th century, Gozsdu Udvar has become one of the most frequented places for...Read more
  5. The Liszt Academy Of Music

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    The Liszt Academy Of Music

    Entertainment, Workshop

    The Liszt Academy of Music is renowned as a show corridor and music center in Budapest, Hungary, established on November 14, 1875. It is the feature of the Liszt Collection, which offers a few significant books and compositions gave by Liszt upon his demise. It also includes the AVISO studio, which is regarded as a joint effort between the administrations of Hungary and Japan to furnish sound r...Read more
  6. Tropicarium

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    Tropicarium- Oceanarium is a complete delight for anybody who likes to see animals living in a comfortable habitat. The best part about this tropicarium is that is the largest saltwater aquarium in Central Europe and is situated a little away from the hustle bustle of the city on the outskirts. The biggest highlight of this place is the deep shark tank, where you can see sharks go about just li...Read more
  7. Westend City Center

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    Westend City Center

    Entertainment, Mall, Shopping Center

    Westend City Center is built by one of the leading conglomerates of Hungary known as Hungarian TriGranit Ltd. Started in the year 1999, it was the largest mall in central Europe for the longest time. With passing times, bigger malls came up but Westend held onto its charm. It covers about 4 floors that consist of some amazing leading brands and many a local brands for you to choose from. You wi...Read more
  8. Palatinus Strandfurdo

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    Palatinus Strandfurdo

    Water Body, Entertainment, Leisure

    Palatinus Strand is easily one of the oldest water recreational options available in Budapest. It opened as a beach in the year 1919 on the banks of Danube. Soon after that it was converted into an open bath in the year 1921 and till date continues to function as one. It became so popular with people, that it had to be extended in 1937 and today its popularity has grown almost three fold. Palat...Read more
  9. Szimpla Kert Ruin Pubs

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    Szimpla Kert Ruin Pubs

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Adults

    Szimpla Kert is a definite go-to in Budapest for someone who loves to explore nightlife. Started in the year 2002, it has been the hot topic of the town ever since its inception. The founders of Szimpla instantly fell in love with this place which was lying in ruins and zeroed it in to bring about the concept that was in their minds. The pub is also famously known as Szimpla ruin pub and was ma...Read more
  10. Erkel Theatre

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    Erkel Theatre

    Entertainment, Play, Theatre

    Erkel Theatre was initially known as Nepopera as it was built by the Nepopera corporation. In return for the free venue, they took over the control of the regulation of the theatre. The idea of making this theatre was basically to bring Opera to the masses by making it reasonable. It was one of the very first Hungarian operas to come into picture as most of the plays were only in the Hungarian ...Read more
  11. Sziget Eye

    Entertainment, Rides

    Sziget Eye is more popularly known as the Budapest eye. It is your best chance to enjoy a ride and have panoramic views of Budapest at a considerable height and in different angles. It is 65 meters tall and has been built quite recently. It has a capacity of about 332 people. Located in one of the most popular squares of the city, the views from this ferris wheel are beautiful in the day and ev...Read more
  12. Vigado Concert Hall

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    Vigado Concert Hall

    Entertainment, Concert

    Vigado Concert Hall in the present day stands as the second largest concert hall in Budapest and increases the glory of the banks of the mystical Danube. The story of Vigado Concert Hall like many other main attractions of Budapest is no less than inspiring. Home to the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble(House of traditions), the group has stuck to the concert hall during its thick and thins ever si...Read more
  13. Budapest Amusement Park

    Amusement Park, Entertainment, Rides

    Want to give your adrenaline a chance to go high when in Budapest? Well, then Budapesti Vidam Park is a definite attraction for you to visit. This amusement park has some horror stories related to it, but about that only the locals can give an authentic account. Also, this place operated from the year 1950-2013 as one of the biggest amusement parks of Budapest, but had to be shut down for a whi...Read more
  14. Budapest Opera House Or State Opera House

    Architecture , Opera House

    The Budapest Opera house is the Largest Opera House in Hungary.  The auditorium can seat 1200 people.  The stunning interiors of the Opera house are sure to amaze and enthrall just about anyone. This beautiful building has seen performances from several illustrious names from the opera tradition including composers and singers. It is also a ballet performance centre of repute. This op...Read more
  15. Las Vegas Casino

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    Las Vegas Casino

    Casino, Entertainment, Games, Adults

    Las Vegas Casino is located in the Sofitel hotel in Budapest. It is a recreation of the the casinos in Las Vegas and has all the main games that are found there. This recreational hub boasts of poker machines, punto banco, blackjack slots, roulette in addition to 65 other machines for you to choose from. The best part is that it is open for 24 hours and you can gamble away late into the wee hou...Read more