Events and Festivals in Budva

City Theatre

During summer months, the town becomes a veritable “city theatre.” This attracts national and international artists, who come to Budva to give talks or to perform in the streets or venues. Basically, the town becomes one big stage.

The Song of the Mediterranean

Held from June 4thto 6th, this is a music festival that sees Budva come alive. Given, June is already a popular time of the year for the town, but with the onset of the Adriatic town’s famous music festival, with events held all over, the scene becomes just a bit more hectic, in a good way.



It is not until the month of May that carnival makes landing at Budva, but when it does it does so with characteristic flamboyancy. The city is already packed full of parties at the beginning of summer, but May’s carnival increases party goers’ exposure to the fun, the bizarre and the outstanding.

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