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Buenos Aires - the capital of Argentina is situated on the East coast of South America where the Río de la Plata meets with the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of things to do and see at Buenos Aires-Its neoclassical architecture, relaxing attitude and welcoming vibe gives the city a strikingly accommodating feeling. It is also known as the “Paris of South America”. But Buenos Aires is also a perfect representation of Argentina with its local food, lively relaxing culture and really vibrant atmosphere. Be it fashion, food, nightlife, adventure, simple walks- there is nothing that city would fail to give to you. The architecture also here is to look out for considering it’s simply beautiful and very neo-classical in its style. Another striking point about the city is that it offers you the best of both worlds in every aspect. You will find all high end brands and fashion labels that are sure to satisfy the shopaholic in you but at the same time, you would also come across various local shops where you can put your bargaining skills to good use! The same principle works for food too- you have some amazing high end food options to choose from but accompanying them are local restaurants offering the Argentinean Specialties. The place for Tango- Buenos Aires offers you some amazing opportunities to let your hair down for a bit and either explore the dancer in you or just simply have the time of your life by getting lost in the amazing nightlife here! Buenos Aires should definitely be on your wish-list if you are looking at combining an experience with food, shopping and making your trip a memorable experience! Each one of you should visit Buenos Aires at least once and experience all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit Buenos Aires.

Essential travel information and Buenos Aires tips for your visit

  • Stay in a night-life neighborhood.
  • You can safely walk in the night and don’t have to risk taking public transportation or taxis. Plus, they are patrolled by policemen so you’ll definitely be safe.
  • Don’t over-drink with a Porteno.
  • Portenos are keen in never taking a “no” for an answer and the number of date-rapes is quite high in the city.
  • Leave your valuables at the house/hostel.
  • At nightclubs and bars, it is extremely common for people to pickpocket foreigners. Pickpockets have gotten extremely good at it and you will never feel it.
  • Buenos Aires thieves have become extremely crafty little buggers and have developed a number of different methods to distract tourists while robbing them silly.
  • Most taxi drivers are honest and hard-working individuals but there is a select few that are pros are ripping of tourists, especially individuals taking a taxi from the airport.
  • Visit the Boca during the day only.
  • Individuals can not take out USD from any bank in Buenos Aires (or any Argentine city). Many of the main streets have individuals screaming “EXCHANGE!” and will pester you if you look foreign.
  • Be careful about giving charity. In the main plazas, it is extremely common to find beggars (sometimes even children!) asking for money.
  • Be careful when crossing big avenues.

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  • Going to Buenos Aires for a month, are there 30-day transportation passes (bus, Subte) available? I much prefer a monthly pass as opposed to having to remember to add money to a Subte card. Thanks.

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    • I do not think so, but if you want, you can check the official website for transportation in Buenos Aires to confirm. 

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