Best Things To Do in Buffalo, New York

Are you looking for what to do in Buffalo?


  • Darwin D Martin House: This is hands down the best attraction of Buffalo. A lovely mansion to explore the beautiful style of architecture awaits you!
  • Museums: Buffalo is known for its museums. There are a number of museums dedicated to various things. On one hand you can see the lovely history and evolution of Buffalo and on the other you can explore the beautiful world of music through Kleinhans Music Hall.
  • Frank L Wright’s Boathouse: This is one of the most cherished attractions of Buffalo. There is a very interesting history behind it and you should definitely take a tour to find out how the Boathouse came to be a part of Buffalo.
  • Martin’s Family Island: This is a lovely amusement park set in the city of Buffalo and you can have a great time with your kids here.
  • Number of Theatres: Buffalo also has a lovely place in its heart for creativity. That is the reason as to why you would witness a number of places dedicated to music and Theater.


  • You can take a Buffalo River Cruise tour. You get to learn a lot about the history and the ride is a lot of fun.
  • You can go on a Haunted History Ghost Walk. You can check the schedule for this. It is organized by a local author- Mason Winfield.
  • Explore the lively and vibrant nightlife. There are a lot of pubs for you to let your hair down and have a great time.
  • You should definitely shop at Grand Street in Buffalo. It is the most thriving market place and you are sure to go back with your bags full.
  • It is quite close to Niagara Falls and you can take organized tours to see and enjoy the beauty of these falls.


Below we have a list of things to do in Buffalo and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Buffalo getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Buffalo with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Buffalo

Here is the list of things to do in Buffalo and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Buffalo Zoo

    Outdoors, Zoo

    A zoo with a wide variety of animals and exhibits, the Buffalo zoo is quite a hit amongst kids and adults alike. There are a number of animals here like polar bears, tigers, Asian elephants and zebus. They have a good variety of reptiles like spiny tailed lizards, pancake tortoises and alligators too. Besides this, visitors can get to see tomato frogs, crested toads and other such interesting a...Read more
  2. Buffalo And Erie County Naval And Military Park

    Water Body, Park, Historical Site, Exhibition

    The Naval park is a great reminder of the struggles of war and the heroic efforts of the US military. The park has 3 war ships docked in close proximity. There is a World War II era vessel USS Sullivans that has been restored beautifully. It is possible to see the change in living conditions between the World War era and the 1970s, when the USS Little Rock was still in operation. There is also ...Read more
  3. Forest Lawn Cemetery

    4.6 (727 Votes)
    Forest Lawn Cemetery

    Forest, Cemetery, Lake, Valley

    This is one of the rare cemeteries that you will come across that is professionally landscaped and boasts of beautiful sculptures and designs. There are about 161,000 residents buriedhere. There are picturesque lakes dotting the cemetery along with hills, valleys and streams. Visitors can take a tour of the graves that date back hundreds of years and discover the untold stories that are hidden ...Read more
  4. Buffalo City Hall

    Landmark, Architecture , Heritage Building, Hall

    The Buffalo City Hall is one of the city’s architectural landmarks. It is made in the art Deco style and has truly changed the city’s skyline. This 32 storey building is the seat of the municipal government of Buffalo. The building is listed in the National Registrar of Historic Places. The building dates back to 1930s and is the tallest municipal building in USA. Visitors can take ...Read more
  5. Delaware Park

    4.6 (581 Votes)
    Delaware Park

    Garden, Park, Walking Area, Entertainment

    The home of the Buffalo zoo, Delaware Park is a big expanse of green that is great to take a break from the humdrum life of the city. You can choose to walk, jog , run or even picnic here with your friends and family. A fantastic place to enjoy the sun, the Park is a green refuge for many weary souls everyday. If you are visiting Buffalo in summer, don’t forget to catch the highlight of t...Read more
  6. First Niagara Center

    4.5 (690 Votes)
    First Niagara Center

    Arena, Stadium, Entertainment

    Built as the home of the Buffalo Sabres hockey team, the First Niagara Center is a multipurpose sports and entertainment facility that can fit around 19,000 people. A number of memorable events and matches take place here. There is always something happening here. Do try and catch a show here if you can, the thrilling action of the arena is simply astounding.
  7. Kleinhans Music Hall

    4.7 (621 Votes)
    Kleinhans Music Hall

    Entertainment, Performance, Architecture , Hall

    Dating back to the 1930s, the Kleinhans music hall is a gorgeous building that is known for its elaborate design and acoustics. The hall hosts a number of talented performances that often open to full houses. This Music hall is the homestead for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. The building was designed by Eliel and Eero Saarinen. This venue is immensely popular for weddings and corporate ev...Read more
  8. Guaranty Building

    Landmark, Architecture , Heritage Building

    Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975, the Prudential building that was formerly called the Guaranty building is a beautiful landmark that stands out because of its distinctive architecture. The construction of the building was completed in 1896 and it was designed by Louis Sullivan. He is lovingly called the father of the skyscraper. Although a tour from inside is possible only in th...Read more
  9. Richardson Olmsted Complex

    Landmark, Architecture

    The Richardson Complex is a celebrated building that dates back to 1872. It is said to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the city of Buffalo. It was a result of the collaboration of three architects ; Henry Hobson Richardson, Frederick Law Olmsted, Thomas Story Kirkbride. The building is now a national landmark. It was once used as a mental asylum and now efforts are now on to renovate ...Read more
  10. Larkin Square

    4.6 (93 Votes)
    Larkin Square

    Food And Drinks, Entertainment, Concert, Market

    This community gathering space is a popular hangout for people of all ages. The venue for many exciting events, Larkin Square opened in 2012 along with the Filling House restaurant. It is now where famous events like the Larking Market, Food Truck Tuesdays and live concerts take place. There is ample parking space around this place and it can easily accommodate a big number of people. The space...Read more
  11. Mckinley Monument

    Landmark, Monument

    Buffalo on the whole still feels very guilty about the death of President William McKinley . He was shot in 1901 by Leon Czolgosz who was a psyched believer of anarchy and belonged to Detroit. So in the year of 1907, the city created an obelisk of white marble which was 93 feet tall in height. It was dedicated to the martyred President. The cost of the monument was around 105,000 USD. It is cov...Read more
  12. Ellicott Square Building

    Square, Architecture , Mansion

    A true gem in the architectural field, the Ellicott Square Building is a renaissance style building that is more than a 100 years old. It is immaculately maintained and showcases how the architectural designs have evolved with time. It was designed by Charles Atwood. The exterior of the building is made of granite, terracotta, iron and veneer. Sun symbols and civilizations depicted in marble lo...Read more
  13. Tifft Nature Preserve

    4.8 (66 Votes)
    Tifft Nature Preserve

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Park, Hiking Trail

    A blessed sanctuary dedicated towards conserving natural resources, Tifft nature preserve is a modern day oasis in the midst of the hustle bustle of Buffalo. It is a birding site with a rich variety of birds calling this place their home. There are exciting and adventurous hiking trails, boardwalks that lead up to serene corners that are ideal for retrospection and peace. During winters, there ...Read more
  14. Frank Lloyd  Wright's  Fontana Boathouse

    Water Body, Waterfront

    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fontana Boathouse is famous as the only boathouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright! It was actually designed in the year 1905 for the University of Wisconsin, but the Boathouse could never be built until the year 2007 where it is made accompanying the Black Rock Channel shore. This is said to be one of Wright’s favorite designs, as can be seen because of his inclu...Read more
  15. Grant Street

    Cafe, Restaurant, Entertainment, Market

    Grant Street is one of the most vibrant areas of Buffalo. It is the main market place and has a lot of restaurants and street side cafes. Tourists and locals alike are fond of the chicken wings you find at every other corner here. Secondly, the street side shopping offers the perfect opportunity for you to take some locally made items back from your trip for your loved ones. It is thriving with...Read more