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Tourist attraction wise, Bunol's choices are nice but limited. There is a historic castle that's free to visit, and has an archaeological museum and an ethnographic museum on its premises. The community park runs close to the river, and if you're lucky there might be an event going on while you visit. Following the river south will take you to a lovely picnic area - a waterfall, pool and cave system. And to the northeast of the city is a Masonic Cemetery. Nothing else for sightseeing!

None of these things are the reason the people visit Bunol. On the last Wednesday of August, the city's population swells from nine thousand to thirty thousand over the course of a few days. It's the day of the famous Tomatina Festival, when scores of trucks loaded up with tomatoes rolls into town. The fruit flinging begins once someone has climbed up a greased up pole to reach the ham at the top. Then for one hour, the air is thick with tomatoes and water, after which people usually head to the river to dunk in and clean off.