How to Reach Burgos


  • By Air: Burgos is served by the Burgos-Villafria Airport which has daily flights to and from Barcelona. It is easy to take a taxi or bus from there to your place of stay. You also have the option of landing at Bilbao, Madrid, Valladolid or Santander. From these cities, Burgos is easily reached by train.
  • By Train: All trains arrive at the Burgos Rosa de Lima train station from cities like Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and Hendaya which are all high-speed connections. The station lies 5 km away from the city but has arrangements for buses and taxis.
  • By Bus: One of the most convenient, and often, fastest way to get to Burgos. There are multiple buses running daily to several northern cities including Madrid. The bus station is located at the centre of the city.
  • By Car: Burgos is located 240 km away from Madrid and is easily reached via Hwy A1. From Santandar, you can take Rte N 623 and 627 or Hwy A231 and A67.


  • By Bicycle: Burgos has cycle lanes spread out across the town which makes bicycles one of the easiest and most convenient modes of transport. You will be able to see most of the sights by simply riding along the river.
  • By Bus: Burgos has a very extensive bus system and the tickets are very cheap. You can simply buy a ticket when you board a bus.
  • By Taxis: You can also travel around Burgos on taxis which are white in colour and have a red stripe on the front door. You can hail one from a taxi stand or call in advance to book one.
  • By Car: There are many places in Burgos which have a car renting facilities and it is easy to drive around. However, finding a parking spot near the city centre will be a task. 
Route Distance Time
Vitoria-gasteiz to Burgos 115.48 km 1 hour 55 mins
Bilbao to Burgos 125.27 km 2 hours 5 mins
Valladolid to Burgos 147.94 km 2 hours 27 mins
Coslada to Burgos 212.08 km 3 hours 32 mins
Madrid to Burgos 213.54 km 3 hours 33 mins
León to Burgos 222.57 km 3 hours 42 mins
Valencia to Burgos 477.83 km 7 hours 57 mins
La rochelle to Burgos 503.04 km 8 hours 23 mins
Viseu to Burgos 516.12 km 8 hours 36 mins
A coruña to Burgos 548.61 km 9 hours 8 mins