Burhanpur Tourism

Burhanpur introduces you to the Moghul period when Shaha Jahan and Aurangzeb ruled the city of Burhanpur and where Mumtaz Mahal took her last breath. Amidst the lovely streets of the city that surround the centrally located Jama Masjid, you are left with historic buildings, gorgeous architecture, a number of shrines and mosques and a love of the historic tales of the city.

Burhanpur is synonym to the Moghul rule in India- being founded by Malik Nasir Khan in the 14th century and many palaces were built here in the 15th and 16th century by Miran Adil Khan II. The magic of the city was why the Taj Mahal was original supposed to be built here but the idea was turned town since it was more feasible to build the iconic structure in Agra.

Sahah Jahan’s fascination with Burhanpur was vivid. A Hamam (royal bath) was built here for Mumtaj Mahal when she was alive. The intricate art work seen in the bath shows an intriguing similarity to the embellishments on the Taj itself! Stories go as far as to say the Sahah Jahan would come to this place – now the city of Burhnapur, to meet his courtesan Gulara. In the 17th century, Sambhaji conquered the place from Aurangzeb before surrounding to the British in early 19th century.

Today, the heart and soul of Burhanpur lies in its history including its rulers, its breathtaking architecture and the fact that it has evolved into one of the biggest Textile industries in the country.

The historic pulse of Burhanpur is where it’s magic lies. During your walks, you will often cross a historic building that causally sits amidst modern ambience. Maybe this adds to the city’s tourism more than the popular attractions- giving visitors a piece of Indian history that exists amidst all the urban chaos.

The view of the Tapti Nadi (river) that flows east-west, adds to the natural splendors of the place. The Mausoleoms, Asigarh Fort, Mosques, Palaces and Gurudwaras dwell in harmony and offer a rich cultural and spiritual experience. 

Essential travel information and Burhanpur tips for your visit


  • Time Zone: UTC + 530 hours
  • Currency- INR (Indian National Rupee)
  • Electricity and Internet: Voltage is 240 Volts with a 50 Hz frequency. You will need mobile internet since not many hotels offer internet services.  4G mobile internet has just been launched in India.
  • Languages: Hindi, Urdu and English.
  • Safety: Safety is an issue and it is recommended you travel with a friend. Keep the contacts of nearby police stations with you. 
  • Tipping: Usually the bills at restaurants come with a service charge. If not, you can tip 15 % of the bill or simply round off the amount.


  • Burhanpur Kotwali Police Station: +91 07325-255233
  • Ganpati Naka Police Station: +91 07325-245339


  • Shrines, Temples and Mosques are considered holy places and you will need to remove footwear before entering.
  • Do dress appropriately.
  • Greeting people with a small ‘Namaste’ will be appropriate.

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