Bursa Tourism

Beautifully spread in the northwestern part of turkey, Bursa is the fourth largest metropolis in the country and is ultimate destination for travelers who are fond of unique architecture and distinguished artistry. The place has a lot to offer with its beautiful mosques, silk-filled bazaars and thermal spa baths. The city embodies a quiet, serene charm which makes it all more appealing for the wandering spirituals who wish to have a moment of their own and introspect. Not to forget the architectural marvels build during the ottoman empire which totally speaks of its historical beauty and the cultural richness enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone’s mind.

Speaking of the Bursa’s history, the place has an interesting story to tell. Originally ruled by Byzantines, the city was captured and was taken control over by the Ottomans in 1326 which was a relatively small emirate by then. It was the first city that had been captured by them, and hence was declared the first capital city of the Magnificent Ottoman Empire. Traditionally it was referred as Hüdavendigar subtly translates into ‘God’s gift’ by Ottomans. Later the capital was moved as their sultan became more interested in conquering Europe yet it would be fairly right to say that the place still exhibits the remanence of that era.

For a tourist wishing to experience a cultural outpour can always find his delight in the old lanes of the town. The tranquility that the city exhibits can also be attributed to the vast greenery, the parks and the varied forests that has surrounded its urban fabric rightly providing it its new nickname- YeÃ…Ÿil Bursa (Green Bursa). Apart from these, Bursa is close to Uludag, one of the highest mountains in Turkey which is a major attraction among tourists as the winter sports center of Turkey. One looking for a fine dose of adventure can always visit to the popular ski resort of Mount Ulludag and then later relish some moment of joy in the warm natural mineral water springs that the place has been renowned for. Visit Bursa for a enthralling experience and avail all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit.

Essential travel information and Bursa tips for your visit


  • Time zone: UTC 02:00
  • Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
  • Electricity and Internet: Internet is cheap and easily available in the country. Though the connectivity might not be that reliable, it is sufficient for regular use.
  • Languages: Turkish


  • Police: 155
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 110
  • Coastguard: 158


  • Smoking is prohibited on public transport and public places.
  • Dress modestly (cover your heads and hands) while visiting significant places such as Mosques, tombs and other religious places.


  • Keep all the required documents such an e-print of Visa, ID and Passport with you.
  • The Turkish people are very earnest about their customs and would expect you to respect them.
  • Refrain from showing public display of affection as it is not considered to a be social norm in Bursa.

Bursa Trip Planner

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