Best Time To Visit Bursa

Best Time To Go To Bursa

Bursa, being situated on the slopes of mountain, encompasses a Mediterranean climate with a temperature that’s quite dry and hot. The average temperature of the city is about 13.6 degree celsius. This makes it necessary for anyone who wishes to explore the town and have a pleasant time to give it a thorough thought before visiting for the trip. Here is the best time for traveling Bursa.

  • Spring (April- June): Spring in Bursa sees the warming up of surrounding from the harsh and cold days of winter. The period is a pleasant for people who want to move in and explore the city.
  • Summer (July-August): Summers in Bursa bring along with it a hot and humid climate that can be anywhere from fairly comfortable to borderline scorching. Though, if you can keep up with the heat, it might not be a problem to enjoy the travel.
  • Autumn (September- October): The autumn season remains a little humid for explorers who are not used to it.
  • Winter (December- January): Winters in Bursa are donned with heaviest rainfall in the year. Sometimes, the temperature drops even low that it begins snowing, though it does not last for long. For a person visiting the city for holiday, it might not be as suitable as one will find himself clamped in room during most of the days.

The city with its extreme and diverse weather serves as a tropical paradise for adventurers who likes to witness nature in all its forms. The best time to visit Bursa is spring due to the mild and subtle temperament that it displays during this season. Many visitors also like to visit it in autumn as the temperature provides enough opportunity to enjoy the snow skiing and other activities Bursa has to offer.

Climate in Bursa

Know weather for your travel dates:

oF | oC
Today 22 Jan



Light rain starting in the evening.

Wind:1.09 m/s



  • Tue 23 Jan
    5oC | 3oC

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Wed 24 Jan
    5oC | -0oC

    Partly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Thu 25 Jan
    5oC | -2oC

    Partly cloudy starting in the evening.

  • Fri 26 Jan
    6oC | -1oC

    Partly cloudy in the morning.

  • Sat 27 Jan
    9oC | -1oC

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Sun 28 Jan
    10oC | 1oC

    Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon.

Month wise Weather in Bursa

Average Temperature in Bursa by month

  • 40o
  • 30o
  • 20o
  • 10o 0o

Average temperature: 0oC

Minimum temperature: -2oC

Maximum temperature: 3oC


Average temperature: 5oC

Minimum temperature: -6oC

Maximum temperature: 16oC


Average temperature: 11oC

Minimum temperature: 3oC

Maximum temperature: 20oC


Average temperature: 10oC

Minimum temperature: 1oC

Maximum temperature: 19oC


Average temperature: 17oC

Minimum temperature: 11oC

Maximum temperature: 24oC


Average temperature: 23oC

Minimum temperature: 17oC

Maximum temperature: 31oC


Average temperature: 28oC

Minimum temperature: 19oC

Maximum temperature: 38oC


Average temperature: 26oC

Minimum temperature: 20oC

Maximum temperature: 32oC


Average temperature: 22oC

Minimum temperature: 12oC

Maximum temperature: 34oC


Average temperature: 14oC

Minimum temperature: 6oC

Maximum temperature: 20oC


Average temperature: 8oC

Minimum temperature: 0oC

Maximum temperature: 16oC


Average temperature: 5oC

Minimum temperature: -1oC

Maximum temperature: 10oC

Highest temperature in Bursa is recorded as 38oC in July.

Lowest temperature in Bursa is recorded as -6oC in February.

Average Humidity in Bursa by Month (in %)

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 76%

Minimum Humidity: 66%

Maximum Humidity: 86%


Average Humidity: 62%

Minimum Humidity: 62%

Maximum Humidity: 63%


Average Humidity: 80%

Minimum Humidity: 77%

Maximum Humidity: 84%


Average Humidity: 72%

Minimum Humidity: 68%

Maximum Humidity: 74%


Average Humidity: 79%

Minimum Humidity: 78%

Maximum Humidity: 79%


Average Humidity: 69%

Minimum Humidity: 67%

Maximum Humidity: 73%


Average Humidity: 58%

Minimum Humidity: 48%

Maximum Humidity: 68%


Average Humidity: 67%

Minimum Humidity: 65%

Maximum Humidity: 69%


Average Humidity: 58%

Minimum Humidity: 55%

Maximum Humidity: 61%


Average Humidity: 80%

Minimum Humidity: 68%

Maximum Humidity: 89%


Average Humidity: 75%

Minimum Humidity: 73%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 72%

Minimum Humidity: 68%

Maximum Humidity: 77%

Most humid month in Bursa are March and October.

Least humid month in Bursa are July and September.