Best Things To Do in Bursa, Turkey

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The city is blessed with both natural and cultural beauty that one can dive into the for a magnificent travelling experience. It has a lot in store for tourists who wish to have a good time travelling through this tropical paradise. It is home to rich religious monuments and mosques such as Yesil Cami and Bursa Grand Mosque that glorifies the new Turkish style architecture and let you have a peek in the transformation that has been a part of its history. Visit these beautiful creations of mankind for a spiritual and divine experience. While wading through the city, you might also come across the abundance of peach, candied chestnut (popular sweets known as kestani sekeri) and silk that Bursa is renowned for. The main landmark of the city is beholder of numerous architectural delights like Bursa Castle and Irgandi Bridge. 

Bursa has several museums that one can visit during their trips. It is said that one can get a taste of a culture by tasting its food. For foodies, it offers some of the most delectable Turkish delicacies one can ever have. Iskender Kebap is the most served and liked food among all and a must for foreigners who want to have a taste of raw Turkish culture. Don’t forget to take a souvenir with you. In Bursa, you will find the colorful Hat Bazaars bustling with people buying and bargaining numerous items. Go for Covered Bazaar “Bedesrten”, or Koza Han, or any other and have your fill of shopping. Not to forget the natural thermal baths. Keramet hot spring, Çekirge hot spring, and Armutlu hot spring are some of the most popular thermal baths in the city that you can visit during your trip

Below we have a list of things to do in Bursa and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bursa getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bursa with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bursa

Here is the list of things to do in Bursa and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Bursa Ulu Camii

    Mosque, Religious Site

    The beautiful Bursa Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii, Grand Mosque of Bursa) is the largest mosque in Bursa and identified as one of the greatest example of Ottoman finesse. It has many elements of Seljuk architecture and a dimly lit surrounding that makes the entire experience very soothing for the visitors. Be it the calligraphic handwritten scriptures inscripted on the walls or the magnificent founta...Read more
  2. Bursa Teleferik

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    Bursa Teleferik

    View Point, Cable Car

    It is one of the most popular attractions in the city and there is a reason why. First, this exciting cable car is the longest in the world with a length of 4.5 km and provides an exciting view of the city on the way up there which you might not want to miss at all. On a fine sunny day, you will find yourself tucked in these gondola-like cabins with 100 other travelers while watching the cabin ...Read more
  3. Koza Hani

    Cafe, Street Market, Shopping Center, Architecture

    Built in 1451 as a major trading hub, Koza Hani (Silk-Cacoon Hall, Cacoon Inn, The Bursa Silk Bazaar) was one of the famous stops of the grand silk route and is still considered to be one of the best market places for silks and Turkish handicrafts. It is a large courtyard packed with hundreds of shops, boutiques, and cafes with a small mosque in the centre. The architecture depicts the classica...Read more
  4. Cumalikizik

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    Village, Neighborhoods

    Cumalikizik, commonly called as the Old Ottoman village is one of the best-known getaway places in Bursa for tourists. The place belongs to the foundation period of ottoman empire and exudes its charm and grace till this date. The rustic buildings followed by its cobblestone streets are quite intriguing, which when coupled with its natural surroundings, homely people, and delicious assortment o...Read more
  5. Golyazi

    Village, View Point, Boating, Neighborhoods

    It is a peaceful little village surrounded by a lake and bespeaks of natural beauty and a vast cultural history. The town has much to offer to its tourists especially one with a knack for historical places. Its small boutique hotels and chic restaurants gives travelers ample space to relax and enjoy. The boat rides across the lake is a much liked tourist activity for the visitors. The beautiful...Read more
  6. Tombs Of Osman And Orhan

    Memorial, Tomb

    The place is considered to be a sacred destination among the folks for the very fact that it embodies the tomb of Sultan Osman, the founder and leader of Ottoman empire and his son Orhan, who had succeeded his throne later. It is a very elegant mosque and have a soothing peaceful vibe to it. Tourists visiting the monuments can find themselves bewitched with its architectural eloquence and rich ...Read more
  7. Yesil Cami

    Mosque, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    Bursa is a city of greenery and art and nothing in the world seems more reflective of that aspect than this beautiful monument. The Green Mosque, with its  unique architecture and design work  stands out as one of the most charming attractions among tourists. Its interiors are adorned with magnificent turquoise tiles providing it its unique look. Visitors looking for quiet peaceful mo...Read more
  8. Iznik


    Situated on the bank of lake Iznik, this small city speaks of its age old tradition and spark. The castles standing magnificently near the river, the ancient theater and mosques built by the finest architects of that period and the warm and welcoming locals makes the visit as exciting as it must be. The bazaar and haats decorate the streets during the day and are home to thousands of adorable u...Read more
  9. Emir Sultan Camii

    Mosque, Religious Site

    Situated near the east side of the city, the mosque has been an important architectural destination among the visitors and historians. Most of the visitors that praise this monument for its unique Ottoman rococo style are unaware of the fact that it has been rebuilt and established many times till now. Like other mosques, it has a refined courtyard paved with white marble tiles along with a qui...Read more
  10. Bursa City Museum

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    Bursa City Museum


    Bursa City Museum is amongst the firsts in the city. Situated inside an old courthouse, the museum was established after a very thorough and extensive research. The social attraction chronicles the history in its most efficient form. From earlier period of establishment to later days of glory, the museum tells an enchanting story of its growth and significance. Ensure to visit every niche of th...Read more
  11. Soganli Botanik Parki

    Botanical Garden

    Soganli Botanik Parki is a quiet place where you can spend some time for yourself during your Bursa trip. Rich in flora and fauna, it has everything that a visitor might require to accompany his quietude. The park, as the name suggests is a botanical park and home to thousands of variety of flowers one has ever seen. As if that’s not enough, a significant part of the garden is devoted to ...Read more
  12. Kulturpark

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    Kulturpark Image

    Park, Entertainment, Leisure

    The place is a dynamic amalgamation of culture and fun. One can stroll through the polished pavements of the park or lie down on the grassed lawns for a nap. For visitors with children can go through the amusement park situated within the premises and check out the number of games it has to offer. Alongside this, the park boasts of beautiful restaurants and quaint café where one can enjo...Read more
  13. Saitabat Selalesi


    Saitabat Selalesi can be best visited during spring and autumn as the climate becomes mild enough for visitors to have their share of fun. The waterfall is surrounded by forest and provides a quaint corner for tourists to spend some time. There are numerous other adventures the place offers such as  horse riding. For food lover, the attraction has hordes of cafes and restaurants to appease...Read more
  14. Tofa's Bursa Museum Of Anatolian Cars

    Automobile Museum

    Deemed as one of the best museums in Bursa, it is the ultimate place to visit especially if you have a knack for cars and automobiles. The museum was established by a Turkish automobile maker called ‘Tofa’s’ on which the museum has been named. The place displays a wide range of automobiles from both the current and the ancient time. Historians visiting the place will find a co...Read more
  15. Muradiye Complex

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    Muradiye Complex

    Cemetery, Tomb

    The Muradiye complex is popular among tourists for number of reasons. It has a distinguished cemetery with several tombs and a madrasa that belongs to ottoman royal family. Every aspect of this beautiful complex reveals various pictures of the lives in ottoman kingdom. The tombs are decorated with brilliant tiles and decorations that speaks of its past glory. The place, despite being slightly r...Read more