Burundi Trip Planner

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Burundi Overview

Sharing its borders with Rwanda, Burundi is a humble little land locked region situated in Africa. It is almost as if, Burundi is protected by its big brothers from ever side. But, that is also one of the reasons why this beautiful wilderness is just often ignored because of the availability of better tourism opportunities by its side. With Rwanda on the North, Tanzania to the East and the Congo to the West, it does not come as a surprise why not a lot of Burundi travel guides are drawn out.

Visa Procedure

The Visa procedure is fairly easy and simple. You need to obtain a visa from any of the near-by embassies to enter Burundi. It will cost your about 90 USD for a period of a month. If you obtain it from Tanzania, then the visa will cost you about 40 USD for two weeks. You can also opt for a visa on arrival at the Bujumbura airport, although the process gets taxing and time consuming. If you enter from the border, then your only option is to take a three day transit visa and then show it to the embassy along with your passport size photos and border stamp to procure an extension of up to a month.

When to go

The best time to visit Burundi is during the months of June and August. It is also known as the long dry season as the beaches are best explored during this time. The temperatures vary as per the region in the country all year round but Bujumbura is almost always warmer than the rest of the country. December and January are known to be the dry months otherwise October to May is almost always sprinkled with a mild rainy season.

Destinations to cover

There are many places to see and things to do in Burbundi. When you are drawing out your Burbundi Travel guide, here are a few places to be included. Lake Tanganyika, Rusizi River National Park, Lake Rwihinda National Park, Kibira National Park, Kigwena National Forest, Gitega and Gishora are destinations that you should definitely include in your Burbundi trip planner.  

Get in and around

The best answer for how to reach Burbundi is definitely through the International Airport at Bujumbura. Most flights operate from this airport and you can take a connecting flight from Cape Town or Kenya if you do not get it from your departure destination. Even though Burundi shares its borders with Tanzania and Rwanda, it is not advised for anyone to enter from here. The idea of getting around here is through Japanese mini buses which cost much lower than the taxis. Most public roads in Burbundi are sealed and people are always advised to practice caution before taking a certain route.

Hotels and Food

There is no hostel culture here as such, but there are plenty of camp sites that you can book your accommodation in if you are looking for a budget option. If not, then there are mid range lodges but the options for luxury accommodation are rare to negligible. The food is pretty cheap here and you should definitely try out the African delicacies, that Burbundi has picked up from the African culture.

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