Events and Festivals in Busan

  • The New Year Festival: This is the popular festival of Busan celebrated in a grand way both on land, sea and sky. The whole city comes together to welcome the sunrise of the New Year. This occasion is quite popular among the tourists.

  • Busan International Rock Festival: This event takes place along with the famous international film festival in the month of October. Musicians from all over South Korea comes together to perform. Its goal is to discover new music.

  • Busan (Pusan) International Film Festival: This is a grand 10 days event held in Busan, in the month of October. Many international films and significant Korean films are being premiered out here.

  • Busan International Fireworks Festival: This festival takes place in October. Cultural events, laser high tech shows and colorful firework displays take place in this event.

  • Busan Sea Festival: This festival is held in Busan’s most popular beach, Haeundae Beach in the month of August. It includes fashion shows, musical performances and water sports programs.

  • Busan Jagalchi Festival: This festival is held in the month of October in the famous fish market of Busan, i.e. Jagachi market. The festival honors the sea god and hosts many events like, fish-eating contest, fish cooking competition and so on.

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