How to Reach Cabo Rojo


By Taxi/ Car: Cabo Rojo has no airport or train station. Hence, the only way to get there, once you’re in Puerto Rico, is by road. Hire a cab, bike or car from La Parguera via highways 303, 304 & 305 to get to Cabo Rojo.

By Bus: There is no regular service to the area, which is the most remote corner of the island. Sometimes there is a morning bus that runs from other areas of the Punta Jaguey area, but you can’t count on it.


By Car: There is no public transport in Cabo Rojo. You can get around pretty much everywhere on foot or by car, for attractions close to the town.

Route Distance Time
Mayagüez to Cabo Rojo 4.95 km 4 mins
Aguadilla to Cabo Rojo 14.59 km 14 mins
Lares to Cabo Rojo 31.03 km 31 mins
Manatí to Cabo Rojo 75.03 km 1 hour 15 mins
Bayamón to Cabo Rojo 109.59 km 1 hour 49 mins
Guaynabo to Cabo Rojo 115.61 km 1 hour 55 mins
San juan to Cabo Rojo 117.97 km 1 hour 57 mins
Arroyo to Cabo Rojo 120.62 km 2 hours 57 mins
Fajardo to Cabo Rojo 166.3 km 2 hours 46 mins
Hicksville to Cabo Rojo 1093.3 km 18 hours 13 mins