Events and Festivals in Cairns

  • Festival Cairns (August):  Three weeks of fun-filled festivities, the Festival Cairns provides enough reasons to celebrate the city- residents, visitors, performers and then some! Local food to whet your taste buds, artists performing live to assert their prowess and the most popular Sports fest are more than enough to know that your days (and nights) in Cairns won’t have a single dull moment to spare.
  • Cairns Amateur Racing Carnival (September):  A four day carnival, the Cairns Amateur Racing Carnival is centered on 15 races where the thoroughbreds compete against one another to win the thousands of dollars that accompany a number of awards. Attracting a variety of crowd, the carnival attracts a lot of socialites as well, making it quite a fashion event, if you must! The pleasant September climate just adds to the event which sees a massive turnout of both locals and tourists.

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