How to Reach Cairns

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  • If you’re coming from somewhere within Australia, there are direct flights from all the major cities flying directly to Cairns.
  • If you’re an international traveler flying first to Cairns, you’ll have to hop on to a connecting domestic flight from Sydney, Darwin or Melbourne depending on which airline you choose to fly.
  • Unless you’re pressed for time, you could also opt for a train ride to Cairns and see a bit of the region on the way. 


  • The best way to see Cairns is on foot. There are many tourist attractions that are in close proximity to one another. You could use any of the public transportation means and get to a certain point and explore the area on foot.
  • Cairns  is well connected with excellent bus routes to take you to the Northern Beaches and city centre. To save up on bus fare, purchase a ‘daily’ ticket that’s valid for the day. The last bus service runs at 11 pm, so plan your night outing accordingly.
  • If you’re seeing Cairns on your own sans a guided tour, you could rent a car and drive around Cairns.