Amir Taz Palace, Cairo

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Address: Ad Darb Al Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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About Amir Taz Palace, Cairo

The Amir Taz Palace is a palace in Cairo, Egypt. It is situated on the intersection of Saliba Street and Suyufiyya Street, and forms the main entrance to Medieval Cairo. The palace was originally built in 1352 by a Mamluk belonging to one of Sultan Qalawun's sons. The palace of Emir Taz was subsequently remodelled several times, most notably in the 17th century, during the reform of the Khedive Ismail. In the 19th century, it became a girls' school, and has then been used as a storage depot by the Ministry of Education. Recently, the palace has undergone major renovations, and is now open for touristic visits in the morning, with a new area that includes exhibitions of the palace's property. At night, the palace hosts an Egyptian television show called "Al-Kasr".


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  • One of Cairo's well-known historical sites, Maintenance should be better.

  • One of the most amazing ancient palaces in Cairo... Highly recommended

  • A nice place in the heart of old Cairo, where you can attend some folklore shows.

  • Good historic palace with live performances and amazing view

  • Palace in Cairo, the ancient citadel area Caliph located Street Alsaovih branching from Saliba Street. Created by its owner, Prince Sayf al-Din Taz bin Qtgaj, one of the princes prominent in the era of state Bahri Mamluks, which began name appears during the rule of Imad Eddin Ismail bin al-Nasir Muhammad (1343 - 1345 AD) to become during the reign of his brother Al-Salih Hajji one of the princes who their hands and the contract is in the state at that time. Taz 3.jpg In the last quarter of the nineteenth century when Prince Taz Palace reached the age of five hundred years Kdioip government felt that refer minors to retired and decided to convert it into a school for girls at the behest of Ali Pasha Mubarak, one of the pioneers of the Enlightenment at the time but did not go only a few tens of years, but evacuated the Ministry of Education Education and the palace is not for restoration and preservation after he showed the effects of aging clearly vacated but to turn to .. store! Because a large room mansion is located in the heart of Cairo was qualified from the point of the ministry of view to be the main store for hundreds of thousands of textbooks and dozens of vehicles that have been Tkhanha and hundreds of tons of scrap of various kinds .. Because people have a debt of kings did not residents of the area feel the embarrassment in the use of minors cemetery of dead animals! .. palace could not bear all this humiliation, a witness who testified and hundreds of years of splendor and bliss Vantoa on himself after being raided diseases and illnesses and swayed many of its walls collapsed and many of its rooms. Taz 9.jpg In October 1992 the palace was introduced into the intensive care unit after being hit famous with lots of corners and columns winds earthquake and over ten years remained the case as it is until the declaration of death clinically in the March 10, 2002, when a large part collapsed from the back wall of the palace overlooking the lane tight with dozens of homes dilapidated home to hundreds of thousands of citizens have become their lives are all in danger expected from one moment to the other after it became a full collapse of the Palace of the issue of hours and no more .. the Ministry of culture to begin the renovation project of the palace after the neglect for long periods, but the task was very difficult because of the damage to parts many .. international consulting foreign experts considered that the subject has already ended and that any attempts to rescue a waste of time .. because most prominent Egyptian hobbies in time of trouble is to challenge the impossible .. or what seems to others impossible .. everybody jog to the collapsed site of the palace and in moments respirator and heart massage to work quickly superhero began and has the rescue operation and stop the world was fascinated by his view, life is returning to the palace, which was restored efficiently can not be described .. did not the Egyptians only did the rescue and restoration, but the biggest surprise was the important archaeological discoveries that went with it and led to the displacement Sattar more mysteries of the palace .. work that has been done and wonderful all standards therefore star News decided to Tsahbkm in a quick tour to acquaint yourselves on the story since its inception.

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