How to Reach Cairo


  • By Air - The nearest airport to Cairo is the Cairo International Airport. The airport is well served by the national carrier Egyptair and other carriers including Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Jet Air.
  • By Train - The nearest railway station in Cairo is the city’s main station called Mahattat Ramsesn which is located on the Midan Ramses. Trains run to Cairo from most other regions and cities within and outside of Egypt. The trains almost always run on schedule and it is best to book the tickets in advance online.
  • By Bus – The main two bus stations in Cairo are the Midan Ramsis and Cairo Gateway. The busses arrive to Cairo from all over the country.


  • By Metro – Cairo is home to Africa’s first and most expansive metro system. The fully functional modern metro system is sleek and cheap, covering almost the entire city. The metro runs from 6 in the morning till 12 midnight, making it one of the best modes of transport while exploring the city. Furthermore, two cars of each train reserved for women, which are located in the middle section of the train. Other than being a cheaper mode of transportation, the metro also avoids the traffic and chaotic streets of Egypt, saving time and energy.
  • By Taxi – One can find three types of taxis in Egypt. The first being the old black and white taxis. These taxis are old with old drivers and outdated meters making it difficult to travel. The other taxis are the bright yellow taxis, that are mostly available on reservation basis only. The last are the solid-white taxis. These are the modern sedans equipped with meters, comprise of and air conditioner and are a cheaper, hassle-free and comfortable mode of transportation. An addition to the option is Uber or Uber Cabs that run well in Cairo.
  • By Bus –  Cairo is home to an intricate network of busses that cover the entire city. The busses are a cheaper mode of transportation and are usually very crowded. One can also hop onto an air condition bus, which can be found in the main squares of Cairo.
  • By Car –  There are numerous agencies in Cairo that give cars for rent to the tourists. However, most agencies do not have specific prices.