Best Things To Do in Calais, France

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  • Place d'Armes: The largest square in the city adjoining the watch tower. Add this market square on your itinerary planner if you have shopping on your mind.
  • Eglise Notre-Dame: A 13th century church with a tower constructed in the next two centuries. Its architecture reflects the Flemish, Gothic, Anglo-Norman and the Tudor styles.
  • Light Tower: A tower and a museum offering great view of the city.
  • Cite Internationale de la dentelles et de la mode: Ancient manufactory refurbished into a little museum that tells about the story of lace made in Calais.
  • Tour du Guet: A pre-war time clock tower near the market square of the city.


  • Yacht Club du Calaisis: Sailing tour in the waters of English Channel. Route Nationale, 62231 Bleriot-Plage, Calais, France.

Below we have a list of things to do in Calais and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Calais getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Calais with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Calais

Here is the list of things to do in Calais and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Cite Europe

    4.2 (258 Votes)
    Cite Europe

    Mall, Shopping Center

    A huge commercial shopping centre located to the west of town, Cite Europe is definitely a destination for fun filled outing with family and friends. With over 147 retail outlets, 20 restaurants and a parking space for 4000 cars, the centre offers a staggering variety of choices to the customers. The ground floor is mainly for restaurants and other eateries while the rest has outlets such as Di...Read more
  2. Calais Beach


    One of the oldest and most pristine beaches in France, Calais beach is a fine place for a summer visit. A beach that is rich with clean sand as well as a history worth mentioning. It is here where King Louis landed in 1814 and French aviator Louis Bleriot successfully pioneered the first ever flight across the English Channel to Dover in 1909. Also the beach was the target of Operation Fortitud...Read more
  3. Town Hall Of Calais


    Located at the heart of the city, this spectacular monument is one of Calais’ finest landmarks. Built to commemorate the merging of the two cities Calais and Saint Pierre, the construction started in 1911 but was delayed because of the Great War and got completed only in 1925. The architecture is distinctively 15th century Neo Flemish, designed by the architect Louis Debrower. It's inter...Read more
  4. The Burghers Of Calais

    4.6 (332 Votes)
    The Burghers Of Calais


    Known as Rodin’s Six Burghers, these six bronze sculptures stand in full glory in front of the Town Hall. Designed by the infamous Auguste Rodin in 1889 it recalls the final years of The Hundred year war between France and England. The story behind them is when King Edward III of England ended his 11 month long siege, the townsfolk had to surrender because of the famine. So six burghers o...Read more
  5. Musee De La Guerre Or Parc St Pierre

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    A former Nazi Navy Bunker which after the war was turned into a museum, Musee de la guerre is located in Saint Pierre Park. Inside the museum are 21 different rooms dedicated to objects, posters and flyers, newspaper clippings, war time memorabilia’s, life size replicas of soldiers, models of guns and weaponries from the time. Adding to the feel and aura of the Second World War the museum...Read more
  6. Casino Le Touquet's

    Casino, Nightlife

    One of the latest additions to Calais’ nightlife Casino Le Touquet’s offers a wide range of games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. Its highlight however is the Mega-pot in which more than two hundred machines spread in 42 casinos are interconnected simultaneously. Each of them contributes to a common jackpot, and in case of maximum combination, your win is the progressive Jack...Read more
  7. Calais Lighthouse

    4.4 (238 Votes)
    Calais Lighthouse

    Light House

    Built in 1848 the lighthouse overlooks the town of Calais like a watchful eye. Each lighthouse has its particularity that allows it to be recognized by sailors around the world. In the day it’s octagonal shape, white color and black sleeve helps it distinguish it from other nearby lighthouses. By night, the number, length and color of its light flashes are its distinguishing signature. T...Read more
  8. Calais Vins

    4.3 (255 Votes)
    Calais Vins
    Run by a brother in law duo, Calais Wines is one of the best wine marts in the town. About 30 different types of wines and other beverages like champagne, whisky are stored in an amazing dispenser at optimum temperatures. Their motto being ‘try before you buy’ the best part about the store is you can taste all of them before taking out a single euro from your pocket. More recently C...Read more
  9. Eglise Notre-dame
    A wondrous 600 year old church, the Eglise Notre Dame is an impressive monument, symbolizing the glory of Calais. The construction began in 13th century by Flemish masons and architects. It continued even during the English occupation in 14th century when English architects took over the construction and again it lasted for about a hundred years. It was finally completed in 1691. Also Charles d...Read more
  10. Musee Des Beaux Arts De Calais

    Art Museum

    An interesting pit stop among the many other wonders of Calais, The Museum fine arts houses many valuable exhibits from different eras and artists. A whole room is dedicated to Auguste Rodin and his six Burghers, describing how his thought process for their designs evolved over time. There’s also a collection of 20th century masterpieces by painters and sculptures such as Dubuffet and Pab...Read more
  11. Parc Richelieu

    4.1 (266 Votes)
    Parc Richelieu
    Right next to the hustle and bustle of Rue Royale lies a calm and a serene Park. It was the final resting place for Emma, Lady Hamilton who spent her final years in Calais. Although her tomb was badly destroyed during the shelling in WWII; a memorial for her was erected by American enthusiasts in 1990s. With palm trees, waterfalls, ponds and ducks, Park Richelieu is a beautiful place for a walk...Read more
  12. Royal Kids Parc De Jeux

    4.2 (177 Votes)
    Royal Kids Parc De Jeux


    A perfect place to cheer up your kids and let them take off some steam, Royal kids Park has all the games every child could dream of. Space slides, Zip line, Monkey bridge, giant Legos and what not, your children will erupt with joy and will have the time of their lives. All the games are fun to play as well as safe. There’s also a snacks centre upstairs that serves coffees, waffles and o...Read more
  13. Les Baraques Military Cemetery
    This great military cemetery was built during the First World War when the British wanted a base in France that was nearer to their country. Built right next to Calais beach, there are mostly English soldiers buried in the cemetery along with soldiers of few other nationalities. Seeing the uniformly aligned, rows upon rows of white Portland stones that are carved with names, the cemetery is a c...Read more
  14. Le Bambou Spa

    4.5 (149 Votes)
    Le Bambou Spa
    Located in the heart of North Calais, Le Bambou Spa is the prime spot for relaxation. Equipped with a high temperature Sauna, Scrub table and a traditional hammam the spa creates an atmosphere conducive for calm and comfort. It also offers extensive beauty care like make up, waxing, face care, hand care and foot care. At reasonable rates, the Spa is a perfect gift you can offer yourself as well...Read more
  15. La Crypte

    4.7 (118 Votes)
    La Crypte

    Bar, Food And Drinks

    One of the liveliest bars in Calais, The Crypt, is the best Gothic Rock Bar in the town. The atmosphere is friendly and fun filled, with good music and good drinks at reasonable price. Moreover, regular customers can get updates on their emails of the recent additions to menu or any new events set to happen in the bar including discounts. Located right in the middle of Rue Royale, the sun spot ...Read more
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