Events and Festivals in Calicut



  • Malabar Mohotsav: Celebrated by the tourism department, it is the largest fest in the area. It is a five day event with events that representthe arts and music of the area.
  • Mahavishnu Festival: A huge procession with percussion music and elephants is the attraction of this festival. Many cultural events happen too
  • Echoes: This is the cultural fest of IIM, Kozhikode.


  • Shivaratri: Shivratri is huge celebration in Kozhikode during the month of February and the lord is worshipped in various forms.
  • Thacholi Manikkoth Temple Festival: this traditional festival is celebrated very grandly in the area.


  • Pooram: it is an annual festival dedicated to Kali and Durga, the female shakti.


  • Kathakali festival: It is a classical dance festival in Calicut. Although not an annual festival, it is on its verge of becoming a regular event in the calendar – so including it in your vacation planner shouldn’t be hard.


  • Jalotsavam: Presenting three water fiestas, Jalotsavam is a Festival that is a part of the Onam celebration in the Malabar area.


  • Shivarathri Utsavam: Celebrated to honour Lord Ganesha, this festival takes place at Thiruvangoor Sri Mahaganapathy temple which is 18 kms from the city.


  • Ragam: A famous college festival in NIT Calicut, Ragam hosts thousands of students every year with more than 80 events.
  • Revathi Pattanamam: It is an medieval tradition that still continues in Kerala. It is an assembly of Vedic scholars.


  • Christmas: Not only the Christian community but the entire city lights up in Christmas.

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