15 Best Things To Do in Calicut, India

by Ketki Hanamshet Updated on 15 Oct 2018

Calicut, the older name for the city Kozhikode is in the state of Kerala in Indian sub-continent. Vasco Da Gama first landed in India at Calicut. Kerala is known for its natural beauty. It is often termed as God’s own country. As the state resides on the shore of Arabian Sea, most of the places of this state have a huge sea coast. Calicut is the largest urban area in Kerala. In 2012 the city was given the name ‘City of Sculptures’ as the city is filled with architectural sculptures. The city attracts a wide range of tourists with its natural and physical beauty. Now let us take a look at 15 best places to visit in Calicut and some top tourist attractions in Calicut so as to make your trip memorable.

Though being an urban city, Calicut is green almost everywhere. You can find water and green trees throughout the city, even in the most developed areas of the city. The people there give preference to economic growth without disturbing the natural essence of the city.

Let's explore the best things to do in Calicut:

1. Education gets the highest priority 

The city offers a good range of educational institutions, including School of Management Studies - University Of Calicut, IHME-International Institute of Hospitality and Management Education, Calicut, Tagore distance education Calicut, IIKM Business School, Calicut, Calicut School of Fine Arts and NIIT Calicut Centre are some of the finest educational institutions. These institutions offer education in various fields like management, business, fine arts, aviation training, technical education and distance education for those who can’t attend university on a regular basis. 

2. Shopping is funny

You can find shopping malls to local bazaars in and around the city. The local bazaars offer local made goods with super low cost if you are good at bargaining. Malls offer deals at times to catch up some fashion for the season. Boutiques and silks are seen almost in every place of the city. You will get good handsome products with value for your money. Special mention about Emerald mall where you get local to international branded products with effective prices. It’s a one go for all your shopping needs.

3. Beach Parties are much fun

Spending the weekends or evenings at the beach helps you cherish your memories more. As beach parties are going great, enjoying your party time there will be more fun of its kind. You have 3 good beaches in and around Calicut, namely Calicut beach, Kappad beach and Beypore beach. Each beach has its own significance. One is historically famous, the other is famous for its beauty while the other is famous for its cleanliness and its adjoining site seeing places.  

4. Adventures at Calicut

If you are an adventurous person, grab on your essentials and get set go. Trekking will be at Kappad beach and Kozhippara falls, rock climbing at Thusharagiri falls, paragliding will be at Kappad beach, snorkeling will be at Kappad beach, rafting at Thusharagiri falls on the river Iruvanjhipuzha, water skiing will be at Kappad beach, kayaking done at Thusharagiri falls and jet skiing will be at Kappad beach are some of the adventurous activities available at Calicut. 

5. Festivals and Fairs at Calicut

India is a land of many festivals. If it was in God’s own state, then it’s a thunderous treat for enjoyment. Some of the important festivals include Pooram during the months of March/April, Vadakara during November/December, Memunda during March/April, Shivratri during February/ March and Kalitta Mahotsavam during March. All in all, March is a month of festivals which brings happiness, prosperity and joys to every household. 

6. Reachability to Calicut

Reaching Calicut is so easy. The city welcomes you by road, rail, and air as well as through water modes. The city offers airplanes from international wide. The reachability is so good. The railway station is 2 kilometers from the Mananchira Square, which is easy to locate and have access. Traveling by water is quiet, not comfortable as there are no regular ships, but it can be accessed through patience.

7. Tourist attractions

Kappad is the place where Vasco Da Gama set his first foot in India. To mark the event even a statue of him was being featured. An art gallery displaying the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma beside the Pazhassirajah Museum. Kozhikode beach also has a Marine life Aquarium, which is available 24 X 7 for the visitors. Dolphins point offers the view of playing Dolphins live which is good to watch in the early morning. The sunset on the beach is good to have a great experience. The Planetarium and Science center offers good views and knowledge regarding the universe and its mysteries. 

8. Places to visit around Calicut

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. It is 25 kilometers to the city which is considered as a heaven for migrating birds. From November to April you can see large kinds and groups of migrated birds. Sultan battery and Tellicherry are famous destination spots which attract the visitors with their scenic beauty. Kakkayam dam offers a great view and also good for rock climbing and trekking. The peruvannamoozhy dam which is 60 kilometers from Calicut is a good place if you are seeking some calm and you will fall for its beauty. 

9. Arts and Crafts

Kerala is a place famous for arts and crafts which are being their parts of lives through ages. Sargaalaya Kerala Arts & Crafts Village. The arts which are being abandoned and extinguishing are taking care here and the training is provided for the interested candidates. Their arts and crafts will be displayed in the museum. As they are local and handmade, they are growing their popularity every passing day. 

10. Temples in Calicut

As Kerala is a God’s own state, it is filled with numerous temples. Shiv temple, Thali temple, Thiruvachira Shree Krishna temple, Ponanghotur temple, Sree Kanteswara Temple, Valayanadu Bhagavathy Temple, Parsi Anju Amman Temple, Varakkal Devi Temple and Pishakarikavu Temple are famous among the devotees. Each temple has its unique style and importance. Gods and Goddess are equally being worshiped here.  

11. Dining 

People in the state prefer foods made of coconut oil which is good for health and a better life. Coconut too will be used in most of the dishes which gives them enough energy. The use of coconut products is the secret to their beauty. Seafood is very famous here. Tourists will fall in love with food and dishes being served here. Almost every restaurant to small hotels serves food with higher taste and good quality. 

12. Special mention

Uru shipyard is a maritime hub around the world for the traders. The iconic Uru ships are built only here which are demand for over 1500 years. Visitors come here specially to view the gigantic ships being crafted by the craftsmen.

13. Forests

Kerala especially Calicut is a natural beauty. It is surrounded by forests like Janakikkad: low elevator evergreen forest and Kakkad: natural forest. Waterfalls, Chaliyam medical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries and community reserves are part of these forests. 

14. People

People in Calicut are so welcoming. They love their cultures and understands and gives importance to urbanization at the same time. If you are wandering in the streets not knowing what to do and where to go, they will be for you. They welcome to their homes and their hospitality is so good. You will be in safer hands and will be treated as guests until you find what you want.

15. Night Life

Nightlife in Calicut is so enjoyable. The clubs and Lounges are best to visit either single or a group. Spending some couple time too is good here. Some charge minimum to no entry fee, which is super cool to enjoy a break.

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    Kappad Beach

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    Address: Chemancherry P.O, Thoovapara, Kappad, Kozhikode, 673304

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    Beypore Beach

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    Calicut Beach

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    Address: Kozhikode Beach ,Customs Road, Kerala 673032

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    The lush greenery, clean beaches and picturesque landscape make the Calicut beach a favorite tourist destination. The beach is also a preferred haunt for sunset viewers. A seafood lover will love the ...Read more

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    Tali Temple

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    Address: Tali Temple, Markazudaawa, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673002, India

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    The Tali Temple is among the famous tourist attractions in Kozhikode and is visited by hundreds of devotees throughout the year. The temple was constructed in the 14th century by Swamy Thirumulpad, th...Read more

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    Canolly Canal

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    Address: Thrissur District, Chavakkad, Kerala

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    The Canolly Canal is also referred to as the Elathur Kallai Canal and was named after Malabar Canolly who was responsible for commissioning its construction. The canal was constructed in 1848 and rema...Read more

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    Mother Of God Church

    Tags: Church, Cemetery, Architecture

    Address: Convent Road, Mananchira, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032

    Timings: 06:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    The Mother of God Church is located close to Beach Road and is more popularly and locally known as Valiyapally. The church is strategically located near the Beach Road making it an oft visited attract...Read more

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    Kozhippara Water Falls

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    Address: 380, YMCA Cross Road, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

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    Kozhikode has some beautiful and special places for tourists to visit during their stay there. Among the popular places to visit is the Kozhippara waterfalls which is located right in the heart of lus...Read more

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    Stone Memorial For Vasco De Gama

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    Address: Chemancherry, P.O, Thoovapara, Kappad, Kozhikode, 673304.

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Stone Memorial for Vasco de Gama stands tall in honor of the Portugese explorer who landed on Indian soil in 1498 at Kappad Beach along with 170 Portugese sailors. The inscription on the stone mem...Read more

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    Dolphins Point

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    Address: Calicut, Kerala, India

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    Tags: Library, Museum, Educational Site

    Address: Chevayur, Kozhikode- 673017

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    Focus Mall

    Tags: Mall

    Address: 417, Rajaji Road, Tazhekkod, Kozhikode, Kerala 673004

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    Every necessary item starting from food, clothes to household appliances under one roof- if you are searching for a place like this, then Focus Mall is the right place for you to come. For the conveni...Read more

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    Azhakodi Devi Temple

    Tags: Religious Site, Temple

    Address: Thiruthiyad Road, Kozhikode, Kerala 673004

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    It is Hindu Devi temple which has retained the beauty of the rural settings within the heart of the city. The temple houses the seven maternal incarnations and has Bhadrakali as the deity. The temple ...Read more

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    Kozhikkodu Beach

    Address: Calicut, Kerala, India.

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The kozhikkodu beach, a perfect place to enjoy sun rise and sun set ,situated near the city. It is a natural beauty with a light house, Marine Water aquarium and Lions park.

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    Address: Calicut district, north Kerala

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    Kadalundi, a bird sanctuary which is located near Kadalundi river is a paradise  for more than 60 species of bird life. It also includes wide variety of fish, mussels & crabs.  ...Read more