Top Historical Places in Calicut, India

Also known as Kohikode, Calicut is rich with cultural and historical attractions that offer a testimony to the past. Vasco da Gama set foot for the first time in Kappad and that is why this location holds an extreme importance and there is a small stone monument at the beach to commemorate that event. You can also visit the Pazhassirajah Museum which is located on the East Hill and exhibits mural paintings, antique bronzes, old coins, models of temples, and megalithic structures for historic interest. There are two crumbling piers which are more than hundred years old, and still stand at Kozhikode beach and are of much interest to the visitors who wish to see something historic in the city. The most beautiful of the historic attractions here is Mananchira, which was the palace tank of King Mana Vikrama. Today, it has been converted into a traditional architectural splendor with carpeted green grass, flanked by stunning buildings. You can relax here and enjoy the rhythms of its musical fountain.

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Let's witness the history of Calicut with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. # 1 of 5 Historical Places in Calicut | Added 1424 times in trip plans
    Kappad Beach

    Tags: Beach, Historical Site, Leisure

    Address: Chemancherry P.O, Thoovapara, Kappad, Kozhikode, 673304

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Kappad Beach is a rock-studded beach which is among the famous beaches in Kerela. It also is historically significant as it is mentioned in history and geography texts as the gateway to Malabar Co...Read more

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    Beypore Beach

    Tags: Beach, Historical Site

    Address: Beypore Beach, South of Kozhikode Centre, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673304, IndiaSouth of Kozhikode Centre, Kozhikode, India

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Beypore beach is a famous destination for tourists and historians. The beach is situated close to the mouth of the river Chaliyar around 10 kilometers away from Kozhikode in Kerala. Historically, Beyp...Read more

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    Tali Temple

    Tags: Temple, Historical Site, Architecture

    Address: Tali Temple, Markazudaawa, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673002, India

    Timings: 05:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    The Tali Temple is among the famous tourist attractions in Kozhikode and is visited by hundreds of devotees throughout the year. The temple was constructed in the 14th century by Swamy Thirumulpad, th...Read more

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    Mother Of God Church

    Tags: Church, Cemetery, Architecture

    Address: Convent Road, Mananchira, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032

    Timings: 06:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    The Mother of God Church is located close to Beach Road and is more popularly and locally known as Valiyapally. The church is strategically located near the Beach Road making it an oft visited attract...Read more

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    Stone Memorial For Vasco De Gama

    Tags: Memorial

    Address: Chemancherry, P.O, Thoovapara, Kappad, Kozhikode, 673304.

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Stone Memorial for Vasco de Gama stands tall in honor of the Portugese explorer who landed on Indian soil in 1498 at Kappad Beach along with 170 Portugese sailors. The inscription on the stone mem...Read more