10 Best Things To Do in Callicoon, New York

by Seema Nande Updated on 15 Oct 2018

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Callicoon is located in the Sullivan County region of New York. Though less talked about, the city is undoubtedly a popular tourist getaway in the heart of the United States. Callicoon is greatly favored for the snow-capped territories and the extraordinary solace one can find in the woods. Apart from the various in-trend gatherings, the Tractor Parade held every year in June is one of the greatest in Callicoon which is responsible for the ceremonial festive feeling here in the city. A large number of people are known to flock to the city for the exotic scenic beauties and the impeccable places to visit in Callicoon that thrives on the banks of Delaware River. The antique references and the historical tokens can be well observed across the Main St area which is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Callicoon.

Here's the list of 10 best things to do in Callicoon:

1. Catch A Film At The Callicoon Theater

Callicoon Theater has always been the favorite among locals and travellers alike. The theatre is known to date back years making it one of the prime tourist attraction in Callicoon. Though old, the architecture and the cleanliness surely has outdone every other newly built theatre. The quality of sound and picture stands incomparable to anywhere else which makes it the best choice in the city. 

2. Explore History At The Museum at Bethel Woods

Head towards the Bethel Woods to reach one of the most fascinating museums of all times. Tourists are welcomed to acknowledge the remnants of the Vietnam War, preserved safely in the chambers here. If lucky enough, you can also be a part of the concerts held on the premises. 

3. Have A Drink At The Marty’s Lounge 

Marty’s Lounge has emerged as one of the best hangout spots for people. Mimicking the cruise-feels, the lounge has come up with a charming decor and non-stop dancing all night. Choose from a wide range of drinks and get intoxicated with the flattering music to refuel yourself for the upcoming days in Callicoon. 

4. Have A Fun Gathering At Callicoon Kristal Bowl 

If your gang seems to get exhausted by the rapid hopping around the city, then head to the Callicoon Kristal Bowl for the maximum fun. You can either shake a leg, order some food, and get intoxicated in the atmosphere of the bar here, or get busy with the fine bowling facility.  

5. Have A Drink At The Mullally's Pub

Feeling thirsty for a beer in the city? If so, then visit Jeffersonville and have a taste of the native flavors at Mullally's Pub. The pub is owned and managed by a family who has designed a majestic interior inside. Apart from the ambiance and the taste, the pub is known to play soothing tunes that will immediately set your mood. The prices are also affordable which makes it a must-visit with your gang in the city. 

6. Go Sporty At Ridgeback Sports

If you are looking out to have a fun-filled day and willing to engage yourself in all sorts of active sports, then this place is exactly what you are looking for. Apart from being a storehouse of various sports equipment, you can also try out some activities with the help of guides and professionals. Rent a bike from here and go on exploring the city. Besides the speedy exploration, you can also try balancing at the paddle boards on the mighty Lake Huntington. The club is also known to organize competitions at various times during the year, which is a sheer treat to the eyes of the visitors. 

7. Go Fly Fishing With Sweetwater Guide Service 

Fly Fishing has always been a popular point of interest in Callicoon. The guides are very knowledgeable about the river and the availability of the fishes which makes the trip even more memorable. Besides the several another bunch of fishes, the visitors might also end up catching the popular Delaware River rainbow trout. 

8. Roll In Fun At Skinners Falls 

Head a little towards the County Road 44, Narrowsburg and get ready to splash some water for fun. The place is furnished with an excellent ambiance which teases the adrenaline rush in the visitors. Get a fishing pole and indulge yourself in fun fishing experience at the foot of the waterfall here. Besides, you can also rent air tubes and have incomparable fun with your family by splashing waters and floating in the heavy waves. The site is also furnished with specific campsites where you can stay overnight with your gang for memories worth cherishing forever.

9. Get A Gift From Jeff Junction 

Furnished with approximately 90 vendors and shops, the Jeff Junction has emerged as one of the popular points of interest in Callicoon. Each of stall is packed with innumerable collectibles which are locally made in the city. Every product here speaks volumes about the skills and the craftsmanship of the people working here.  

10. Admire Art At The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts 

The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has emerged as one of the popular places to visit in Callicoon for every lover of art. The place is furnished with a beautiful museum which has preserved invaluable tokens of art and culture throughout the time. Owning a majestic collection of artistry, the Museum has also been honored with several awards in the past. It is also furnished with a huge Pavilion Stage amphitheater that welcomes popular artists and hosts live concerts as well.

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    Lake Superior Image

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    Callicoon Theater Image

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