How to Reach Cameron Highlands


  • By air: The closest international airport to Cameron Highlands is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, lying at 248 kilometres.
  • By road: Both the coasts, east and west of Malaysia has easy access to Cameron Highlands. Buses serving Tanah Rata, will get you to Cameron highlands. The frequency of buses very good. Alternatively, you can drive down your own car too via route 59.


  • Three townships and five settlements make up the area of Cameron Highlands. So, bear in mind that, this place is huge! These neighbourhoods are located at quite a distance from each other, except the most popular ones of Tanah Rata and Brinchang that lie at 4 kilometres.
  • By bus: There are hourly buses that serve the popular attractions.
  • By car: This is a convenient way to get around the resort town of Cameron Highlands. There are car rentals available.
  • By motorcycle: If you seek some adventure, rent a motorcycle and get around. Make sure to carry an international driving licence.
  • By taxi: There are taxis available here, but very expensive. A three-hour service may cost you an exorbitant RM75!
  • By van charter: There are 10-seater charter vans available. Make sure to negotiate a good price before you fix one.
  • On foot: Perhaps, the best way to venture Cameron Highlands at your leisure, getting around on foot can be a delightful experience with all the surrounding natural beauty. It’s a good idea to carry an umbrella, given Cameron Highlands’ unpredictable weather.