Best Things To Do in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Featuring several tea estates, Cameron Highlands is resorted to by most regulars for its cool climate and blissful walks. Strawberry farms, vegetable gardens, rose gardens, Chinese temples and shrines, and mossy woodlands draw a picture of Cameron Highlands.

Gunung (Mount) Brinchang will give you spectacular views of Cameron Highlands, the ones you see everywhere. This is also the highest point in Malaysia accessible by car. At the top of this, lies a boardwalk that take you through another popular attraction of Cameron Highlands – the Mossy Forest, a forest untouched for centuries, with vegetation covered in thick layers of moss. Parit Waterfall, Rafflesia Flower, Robinson Rose Garden, Rose Centre & Rose Valley, Robinson Waterfall, Lavender Garden and the Bharat Tea plantation are some of the other must-see attractions.

You can undertake some adventure activities like jungle trekking, hiking the Mount Yong Belar,  and overnight camping at Gunung Irau. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Cameron Highlands and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Cameron Highlands getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Cameron Highlands with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Cameron Highlands

Here is the list of things to do in Cameron Highlands and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Mossy Forest

    4.4 (1126 Votes)
    Mossy Forest

    Outdoors, Forest, Walking Area, Broadway

    Take a walk through the meandering ways of the Mossy Forest and get to see nature at its best. This forest is conspicuous as it grows only at the highest elevated land of Cameron Highlands and other mountain ranges that grace Malaysia. Since these forests are located at the height, they are constantly under moisture resulting in permanent mist and thus become an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, l...Read more
  2. Cameron Bharat Tea Estate

    4.1 (553 Votes)
    Cameron Bharat Tea Estate

    Valley, Hill, Nature

    Cameron Highlands are known for their picturesque natural beauty. To add to the beauty of this place, there is Cameron Bharat Tea Estate that offers stunning views. As you stand on the hill and look at the valleys around, you will be blessed with breath-taking views over the emerald plantation. The signature brand 'Cameron Valley' is produced here. As you take a stroll around this place, you wi...Read more
  3. Big Red Strawberry Farm

    4.1 (959 Votes)
    Big Red Strawberry Farm

    Cafe, Nature, Farm

    Who doesn’t love succulent red strawberries? Here is a chance to devour some of the juiciest collection of this heavenly fruit at Big Red Strawberry farm. While it is called as a farm, there is much more to it. There is a café where you can get sumptuous snacks and strawberry shakes. You can also take a stroll around to see strawberries growing on their plants. There is also a play...Read more
  4. Time Tunnel Museum

    4 (799 Votes)
    Time Tunnel Museum

    Museum, History Museum

    Time for some historical learning in Cameron! Visit the Time Tunnel museum in order to take a plunge into the world of past with a vintage collection of memorabilia and historic exhibits. Interestingly, this collection does not belong to any organisation but to a Cameron local who is struck with a desire to preserve history. From colonial era to years after independence, this museum showcases e...Read more
  5. Sam Poh Temple

    4.2 (952 Votes)
    Sam Poh Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Landmark, Historical Site

    Buddhism is an integral part to the cultural and religious history of Malaysia. Quite understandably, even Cameron has well known Buddhist temples that exude spirituality. Perched high on a hill, the Sam Poh Temple looks stunning as it overlooks Brinchang town. Built in 1972, this temple claims to be the 4th largest Buddhist temple in the country. As you would expect, there is a huge statue of ...Read more
  6. Gunung Brinchang

    3.8 (821 Votes)
    Gunung Brinchang

    Outdoors, Adventure, Valley, Nature

    The second highest mountain of Cameron Highlands, Gunung Brinchang is sure to send you into dizzying heights. Its overwhelming presence in felt as you admire the beauty of Cameron and walk through its various towns, valleys and roads. The access to this beautiful mountain is possible through the path that begins at a left turning along the main road from Kea Farm, immediately after Butterfly Ga...Read more
  7. Agro Technology Park In Mardi Caameron

    Garden, Park, Nature

    The natural allure of Cameron is certainly an inspiration for the manmade beauty of this place. As you visit the Agrotechnology Park in Cameron, you come across one of the most beautiful human attempts of showcase pruned nature. Thus, there is an English Garden, Herb Garden, Orchid Garden, Rose Garden, research centre and an information centre, that collectively become a part of this park and o...Read more
  8. Cameron Lavender Garden

    4.1 (292 Votes)
    Cameron Lavender Garden

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Nature

    One of the most alluring lavender gardens in Malaysia, the Cameron Laender Garden assures you some of the most beautiful views of your lifetime. You can see blooming lavender flowers strewn everywhere offering you picture perfect scenes. At the gift shop here, you can purchase fragrant lavender products as well as gifts. There is also a café here where you can have something unique: Lave...Read more
  9. Cameron Highlands Butterfly Garden

    Garden, Nature

    A place which is rich in tropical flora and fauna is bound to have a butterfly garden. Established in year 1990, the butterfly garden in Cameron offers a colourful delight to the visitors owing to its various butterflies. They flutter and fly past you and thus offer you a lifetime experience. The park has been built to restore the biodiversity of flora in Malaysia in its own way. For children a...Read more
  10. Raju Hill Strawberry Farm

    Landmark, Nature, Farm

    Cameron is world known as the producer of succulent and juicy strawberries. Thus, there is an array of strawberry farms here that offer you a taste of this heavenly fruit. One such farm is Raju Hill farm that offers you a walkthrough strawberry fields where you are allowed to pick your best. You can also take up a free tour of this field to learn their processing. Perched on a hilltop, this far...Read more
  11. Cactus Valley

    4.3 (471 Votes)
    Cactus Valley

    Valley, Nature, Farm

    Perched on a hill overlooking the gorgeous Brinchang town, the Cactus Valley is one of the attractions of its own kind in Malaysia. This valley features a wide collection of cacti, flowers and ornamental plants of various shapes, colours and sizes. The cactus put on display here are also on sale. While flower and strawberry valleys seem to be more enchanting, this one surely holds a value and b...Read more
  12. Church Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

    Church, Religious Site, Landmark

    Built on a beautiful slope, this is a catholic church and is one of the oldest structures in Cameron Highlands. Built around 1930, the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers a place for worship for those who are looking for spiritual or religious sessions. Set against the alluring backdrop of valleys, this church offers you an ideal blend of nature and religion. Ever since its construction, ...Read more
  13. Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

    3.9 (444 Votes)
    Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

    Nature, Farm

    From the land of strawberries, here is yet another farm that offers them a tete-a- tete with this heavenly fruit. What makes this farm an important one to visit is that it is one of the largest strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. Moreover, there are many features in it making it more alluring. There is a vegetable market, a shopping gallery, a vintage cafe and pastry corner that form a part ...Read more
  14. Rose Valley

    3.9 (77 Votes)
    Rose Valley

    Valley, Nature, Farm

    As the name suggests, the Rose Valley in Cameron Highlands houses a variety of roses that promise to delight the visitors with their sheer beauty. There are at least 450 types of roses available here with some rare ones such as "Black" rose, "hornless" rose plant and the colourful "miniature" roses. Apart from other types include Lily, Gerbera, Diamond, Lady Shoe, Honeysuckle, Camellia and Gips...Read more
  15. Tan's Camellia Garden

    3.9 (122 Votes)
    Tan's Camellia Garden


    Tan’s Camellia Garden is dedicated to Camellias whose presence acts as a theme as well as name the garden. Here, you will see various hues of Camellias to delight you. As you visit this garden, do visit its main showroom and have a look at the pictures as well as books that pertain to Camellias. Taken care of by Mr. Tan Chin Pa after whom this garden has been named, this park houses over ...Read more
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  • When does lavender bloom on Cameron Highlands? Best time to visit and see lavender bloom. Thanks.

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    • As the Cameron Highlands is a beautiful hill station, the place is a year-round destination. I am not sure but it seems that lavender blooms almost throughout the year but if you want to witness the greenery of the place in its best form, November and February are some great months to consider. 

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  • how will i go to cameron from federal hotel bukit bintang

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    • Hi,

      The Cameron Highland is located at a distance of 206 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and is best reached by road. It takes an approximate 3 hours to reach Cameron Highland.

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