Apartamentos Roc Portonova, Camp De Mar

Apartamentos Roc Portonova, Camp De Mar

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Apartamentos Roc Portonova, Camp De Mar Reviews

  • This is a lovely apartment hotel and when you come out of the main door the Marine is straight across the street and you are on the prom. There is a swimming pool outside and inside activity for the kids by pool side . The food in the restaurant is lovely and go there to eat and pay for it.

  • Good hotel, excellent pool, helpful staff (particularly David on front desk), not cheap but nowhere is since the problems in Turkey, Egypt etc, all Spanish hotels have increased prices as demand has risen. Nice place overall, in need of some TLC but we spend very little time in the room. A tip for anyone staying here... if you like 'Caribbean white' sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea, take a trip to Alcudia. Definitely the better side of the island in my opinion, but Majorca as a place is amazing wherever you stay. It was 42 degrees in Aug when we were here. Heavenly!

  • Needs a revamp but apart from that it was excellent... pool was great great location and friendly staff... what more can we ask for in a holiday..

  • Excellent view on the balcony, spent most of my time at the pool and it was great, there were bingo games by the pool with a free cocktail to the winner. Loved my time in this hotel, would definitely come again.

  • So far so good. Basic but spacious. Good view. Good location.

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