How to Reach Campos Do Jordao, Brazil

The Easiest Way to Reach Campos Do Jordao


  • By Train: The railroad goes to Pindamonhangaba, but the most popular ride is the scenic way to Santo Antônio doPinhal. Trains leave six times a day.
  • By Bus: Buses from the Tietê bus station in Sao Paolo take 3 hours to get to Campos do Jordao, and leave every three hours.
  • By Car: The winding Highway Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro (SP-123) is the main way into town, with beautiful sceneries all the way on the 2 hour drive from Sao Paolo. From the city of MonterioLobato, the MonteiroLobato Highway (SP-50) is nearly as scenic, also connecting to Minas Gerais via MG-295.


  • By Car: Though the city is small, the attractions are not centralised, and in a lot of the cases are actually outside of town. You must have car. Either drive one into town, or see if you can arrange to rent a car at the city.
  • By Bodinho: The Urban Streetcar or tram is a good way of getting from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. The town’s municipal website clearly details the schedules and timings for the trams, so check it out for clarity.
  • By Tour Service: If you want to visit attractions outside of town, but don’t have a car, you have no choice but to buy into some tour package run by local travel guides, who will arrange transportation for you.

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How to Reach Campos do jordao from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Sao jose dos campos to Campos do jordao 50.36 km 50 mins