Events and Festivals in Cancun

  • Carnaval: The Carnival or Carnaval is huge in Cancun as in many cities around the world. Celebrated sometime in the month of February this extravaganza is like a giant party. There are floats and festoons and delicious drinks. People dress up in costumes and join parades. The Carnaval is a major Cancun festival. 
  • Fishing Competitions: The City used to be a fishing village and still manages to keep that part of the culture intact through fishing competitions that are arranged quite often. Be sure to check with a local if any are going on during your visit.
  • Cancun International Film Festival: The Cancun International Film Festival takes place every year in November. CIFF attracts a huge number of film lovers from around the world. 
  • Cancun Banamex Triathlon Festival: Held in October, this triathlon draws athletes from around the globe. All three sports; swimming, cycling and running, can be watched by spectators.
  • Festival Internacional del Caribe Mexicano: Held in November, this is Cancun’s annual food festival that is spread over one month. In addition to sampling delights created by Mexico’s top chefs, there are competitions for the prestigious title of ‘best chef’ and ‘best bartender’.
  • Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos): Held in November, this is one of Mexico’s most fascinating festivals. Commemorating the dead, Mexican’s believe those who have passed away come back to visit on this day, attracted by offerings of favourite foods and beverages, marigolds and candles.
  • Mexican Revolution Day (Dia de la Revolucion Mexicana): ): Held in November, this day commemorates the Mexican Revolution of 1910 with parades and celebrations.

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