How to Reach Cannes


You will most probably get to Cannes by first arriving at Nice International Airport. From the airport, get into Cannes by:

  • Express Coach: 45 minutes; EUR 17. Runs every 30 minutes.
  • Bus: 2 hours; EUR 1. The ride is long and without adequate luggage or seating space.
  • Train from St. Augustine Station: 30 minutes; EUR 11-15. Getting to the station can be confusing so consult a map. Runs every 30 minutes. Get caught on the train without a ticket and you could be fined EUR 100- 300. The ride is very scenic.
  • Taxi: Scenic ride. EUR 80 and above.


  • Cannes is a pedestrian town; get around by foot!
  • Buses are frequent but expensive for the short rides they offer (EUR 1)
  • Taxis are expensive. Hail on the street or reserve at +33 (04)929 9272
  • Avoid using cars; the one way road system is irritating.