Best Things To Do in Cannes, France

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  • Old Town: If you want to eat at a busy restaurant or go souvenir-shopping, Old Town is your place. Walking down the narrow streets will give you stories and viewpoints. All the small streets come together through squares.
  • Covered Market (Marche Forville): To buy fresh local produce, check out this local market. You might even spot a famous chef, buying high quality crop from here. On Mondays, the market has a flea market and an antiques show. Marché Forville will give you a unique gastronomic experience.
  • Palais des Festivals: Movie stars get together here to watch festival films at this building, built in 1949 to host the Film Festival. Its famous steps leading up to the building is a famous spot to pose for photographs.
  • Port: You can spend some time appreciating the big, beautiful yachts belonging to the rich and famous. Cannes also features the Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes, which takes place in Cannes mid-September.
  • La Croisette: The Boulevard de la Croisette is quite popular among tourists interested in seeing the latest fashion in the boutiques along with luxury hotels and restaurants.
  • Beaches: Cannes offers beautiful beaches along the coast, but it may cost you. Since most are private, a day at the beach could cost you up to 30 euros. There are also public beaches but usually jam-packed and a distance away from town. If you want a quieter beach, check out Îles de Lerins, the two islands that are both beautiful with occasional fireworks and historical with a monastery and castle.
  • Musee de la Mer: The Musee de la Mer is located on the port of the Saint-Marguerite Island. You will find memories from the sea dating back to the Roman times. Here, you will also find the prison, which held many prisoners, including the infamous Man in the Iron Mask.

Below we have a list of things to do in Cannes and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Cannes getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Cannes with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Cannes

Here is the list of things to do in Cannes and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Promenade De La Croisette

    Waterfront, Walking Area, Street Market

    Stretching down for two kilometres from the Palais des Festival is this glorious and glamorous promenade. It lines the entirely of the Cannes coastline, so it’s basically the city’s favourite place for a stroll. Why wouldn’t it be? Shady palm trees, beautiful bodies on the beach, magnificent views of the yachts and cruise ships on the harbour – and that’s just one ...Read more
  2. St. Marguerite

    4.7 (1472 Votes)
    St. Marguerite


    The two Lerin islands, Saint Marguerite and Saint Honorat, have enough history of their own to impress. Only a short boat ride away from Cannes, both the islands are in the grips of an atmosphere of mystery, perhaps even mysticism. Their natural eucalyptus and pine forests only enhance this feeling. 30 minutes from Cannes by boat, the Fort Royale on this island once held the famous, notorious, ...Read more
  3. Rue D Antibes

    Shopping Center

    Forget the promenade – this is the shopping destination  in Cannes. Hundreds of shops from every luxury brand conceivable cater to the rich and famous here; I swear that the main reason tourists even frequent this place. The window-shopping alone ought to have its own price tag here (I don’t really mean that – just feel that way). It’s usually insanely crowded, but ...Read more
  4. Le Suquet

    Walking Area, Historical Site, Food And Drinks, Old Town

    Old Cannes. Before the city became the most important film and celebrity destination in the world, Cannes was a fishing town, and Le Suquet is where all the fishermen resided. A veritable maze of cute, cobblestoned roads and staircases, this is pedestrian heaven. The Rue de Suquet used to be the main road into the city, and together with the Rue Saint Antoine today serves up a plethora of mouth...Read more
  5. Palais Des Festivalset Des Congres

    Walking Area, Theatre, Square, Exhibition

    This 25000 metre square exhibition and additional auditorium space was opened in December 1982. It’s why Cannes is famous. It’s where the annual Cannes film festival is held. And when the stars are not actually traipsing through it’s corridors, you can. The managers of the place, the Society of Mixed Economy for the Events of the city of Cannes, organizes guided tours. Make su...Read more
  6. Rue Meynadier And Marche Forville

    Food And Drinks, Street Market, Shopping Center

    If the luxury shops of Rue d’Antibes aren’t quite to your tastes (or at least, to your wallet’s tastes), you can hope to find a much more budget-friendly bargain here. Most of the houses are charming 18th century constructs that have been refashioned into either trendy and affordable boutiques or some of the mind-blowing cuisine destinations in the world. Do you souvenir and g...Read more
  7. Musee Fragonard

    4.3 (897 Votes)
    Musee Fragonard

    Museum, Specialty Shop

    Dedicated to Grassois painter Jean-Honore Fragonard, this small museum contains 15 of his most famous works as well as the works of his sister in law Marguerite Gerard and another painter from Grasse, Jean-Baptiste Mallet. The building itself is a pretty sight to see, an 18th century townhouse with some lovely furniture, ceiling frescoes and old world appeal.
  8. Parfumerie Molinard

    4.4 (972 Votes)
    Parfumerie Molinard


    This museum is a sensual wonder, a visual and factory feast. It details the history of this world famous perfume manufacturer, and also the three thousand year old history of perfume. In a beautifully presented glasshouse, the exhibits which include artefacts, bottles, videos, vintage posters, and olfactive stations collected over the centuries, some of the items are of spremem historical impor...Read more
  9. Musee De La Castre

    4.4 (269 Votes)
    Musee De La Castre


    It was originally a square castle-fort, with a dungeon and a watchtower. I know, it sounds like something out of a strategy game, but there you have it. A beautiful Mediterranean garden softens the entrance, makes it inviting. The watchtower can be climbed. More than a century of donation and acquisitions have gained this museum a surprisingly large and significant collection. The exhibits revo...Read more
  10. Saint Honorat

    4.7 (633 Votes)
    Saint Honorat

    Outdoors, Island, Nature

    The two Lerin islands, Saint Marguerite and Saint Honorat, have enough history of their own to impress. Only a short boat ride away from Cannes, both the islands are in the grips of an atmosphere of mystery, perhaps even mysticism. Their natural eucalyptus and pine forests only enhance this feeling. Smaller than its cousin, this island is made magical by the monks that chant in the Lerin’...Read more
  11. Museum Of Art And History Of Provence Or Musee D'art Et D'histoire De Provence

    Art Museum, History Museum

    The aim of this museum is simple – to outline as best a s possible the history of Provence and its people, arts, cultures and trade. The exhibits revolve around furniture, ceramics, paintings, costumes, figurines, and a serene and classical French garden. The museum was build by one of the most powerful noble families in Provence.
  12. Le Caveau 30
    This upmarket restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and is well worth stopping at for a meal or two or three. This restaurant is quite popular during the summer months so it is worth booking in advance if you would like a table. There is an impressive wine list and service is excellent.,
  13. La Tantra
    This hip restaurant transforms into a dance club later on in the evening and is very chic. There is a particular sharp, shiny elegance about it making it one of the best places to let your hair down when in Cannes.
  14. Le Baoli

    Food And Drinks, Dance Club, Restaurant, Nightlife

    If you are travelling in Cannes, France, then to enjoy the nightlife of the location, you can certainly plan to pay a visit to the Le Baoli. It is a restaurant cum dance club where you are guaranteed to have a great time with your friends. The ambiance of the place is mind-blowing, and you will find the decor of the whole suitable too. The full-service bar of this place will offer you alcoholic...Read more
  15. Dedada
    This is an unusual and striking hangout combines a number of elements and turns it into a great night out. Expect cabaret, live music, disco and art events to take place in contemporary and chic setting